A/N: New story. Woot! xD Ugg... Weezer is playing on my raido... meh. Anyways, I actually had no intention of this seeing the light of day. Then my ebil OCD reared it's irking head and made me fall in love with this idea and have to know what happens. -insert sigh here- Anyway, this'll be a series, hopefully. Not sure if the first chapter fails or not. And if I was a betting person I'd say I'll get some flack for using the name Cullen. Bah. Anyways, I hope ya'll like it. I also hope it makes any kind of sense. I wrote a prologue for my benefit only, and I shouldn't have.

The protesters were rabid tonight. Just short of foaming at the mouth. They wanted blood to spill. Namely, Super blood. They didn't need a reason to hate the supernatural community, but they had one tonight. Earlier today a girl had been found, raped, ravaged, and very much dead. Humans couldn't have done the kind of damage that had killed her. So naturally the blame rested on the vampires, even if it was probably a werecreature of some kind. Wolf or big cat, if claw and teeth marks were anything to go by. Everyone always blames the vampires. We humans can be idiotic, I'll admit.

Honestly, I was a little afraid to get out of my car. So, naturally, I called Evan, my boss and best friend- yeah I don't have many friends. I'm not a people person, okay? He answered on the first ring. "Rhyan, my dear. I suppose you've met our uninvited guests?"

"Oh, yeah. And there's no way in hell I'm going to get to the door." I told him as the thronging mob of people spouted their unyielding hatred at me, the human who happened to run with Supers. I locked the windows and doors. I offered to work for vampires, not get my ass killed for them.

"Okay, love. Alex is on the way. And for God's sake don't get out until he tells you to." Evan was truly concerned about my welfare. Odd for a vampire, but sweet nonetheless, even if he did have an ulterior motive other than my personal well-being. Human consorts that didn't want to jump your bones every second of every day were hard to come by for vampires so soon after the Unveiling- what the world had started calling the day the Supers let us know of their existence.

"Okay." I said, and the line cut off. Evan had a habit of not being the most courteous person on Earth. Then there was a thud on the window. I glanced up into the face of a heavy-set, one hundred percent pure muscle, Cuban vampire. Alex. The man was a wall of strength, I tell you. And really just a huggable teddy bear. Well, to me, at least. Everyone but Evan and I were antsy around him.

I smiled up into his grinning face and stepped out of the car. I pressed the lock button before I shut the door and stuffed my keys into my purse. "Hiya, chicka." His lightly accented voice flowed over me. My smile widened and I hugged him tight, tuning out the shouts of disgust from the mob. He wrapped his brawny arms around me, careful he didn't crush my ribs or something equally painful. Then he scooped me up and, in a blinding display of vamp speed, had me through the crowd and at the door in less than two seconds. He set me down and opened the door like the gentleman he was, then dropped a kiss on my cheek. "Evan is in his office, love."

"Thanks, Alex." I murmured as a goodbye. His vampire hearing would pick up anything I said. I turned and headed to the elevator. I noticed the front desk was manned by a very Irish looking man that I'd never met. Curiosity killed the cat, ignorance the dog, and stupidity the human. All three of them are traits I possess.

I waved at him. He wasn't a vampire, that much was obvious. "'Ello, lassie." He said, accent think and comforting.

"You new?" I asked. He wasn't human either. His eyes were jet black and his skin was flawless. No freckles, scars, nothing that marred him. So what the hell was he?

"Aye, lassie. Name's Cullen Finnigan." He held out his hand, the skin there also perfect. His skin was warm, it reminded me of sun-drenched meadows, forests filled with the promise of magic, ancient trees swaying in the gentle summer wind…

I jerked my hand back and stared at him, eyes wide. His lips quirked. "Sorry lassie, fergot yer a human, din' I? I'ma druid, if yer wonderin'."

The fuck is a druid? "Oh. Call me Rhyan." I murmured, self-consciously tucking a lock of my ginger colored hair behind an ear. That's my nervous habit. Some people twitch, some smile, some freak the fuck out. I fiddle with my hair.

Cullen smiled gently, then eased back in his chair. "Evan's tol' meh 'bout you, miss Rhyan." That I didn't doubt one bit. I was the only human who worked for him. He was fairly proud of me.

I nodded slowly. "Well, nice meeting you, Cullen." I told him and started back to the elevator.

"Yew too, lassie" The druid said. Then time seemed to stop. The sound of glass shattering and hitting the floor rang out through the lobby. Then I felt a body slam into mine. Heard a grunt of pain and the sharp report of guns and the impact they made as the ripped through Cullen. Then absolute silence.

Vampires were everywhere, fangs bared as the snarled in outrage. I ignored them and turned to Cullen His celery green eyes were glazed, his breathing ragged. "Lassie…" He managed, and his hand went to his throat and tugged a leather strap loose. "Druid's heart… protection… lucky…" I took the wooden pendent slowly. It was warm and seemed to almost throb with life. I tied it quickly around my neck.

Then his body exploded into millions of tiny bits and disappeared. I stayed on the floor, staring at the place his body had been. Warm silvery white liquid that smelled like fresh cut trees painted the floor and my clothes. His blood, I realized through the haze of shock.

Then warm hands closed around my shoulders and Evan's scent, sandalwood and Axe cologne, enveloped me. He scooped me up in his arms and tucked me into his chest, murmuring words in a language I'd heard him use when he was angry. He'd told me it was Gaelic.

He took me up to his office and sat me in one of the big leather chairs he'd decorated the place with. Then he left me and went to the small refrigerator he kept a few bags of blood and a few more human-oriented drinks. He was back a few minutes later. He had a wineglass full of thick crimson liquid that smelled like copper, and a mug of hazelnut coffee with a generous helping of brandy and a dollop of whipped cream.

He gave the coffee to me and sank elegantly into the chair next to mine. "I'm sorry you had to see that, love." I gripped the warm coffee mug and curled up around it. My body was unbearably cold and I was so numb. Evan heaved a sigh. "I've known Cullen since I was human child." I heard him take in a ragged breath.

Slowly I turned to him. Two streaks of crimson trailed slowly down his pale cheeks. "They were trying to kill me, weren't they?" I asked softly.

Evan blinked slowly, his jet colored lashes made his sage green eyes pop when they opened and fixed me in his gaze. "Yes, Rhyan. They were." He looked away and sighed again, then took a sip out of the wineglass.

"I'm sorry I got your friend killed." I breathed, raising a hand to my temple. My head was beginning to throb. A wave of dizziness washed over me and I gagged. I felt Evan take the coffee mug away a second before the convulsions hit. Pressure built above my canines, building until pain rippled through my body, throbbing with my heartbeat.

Blood filled my mouth when the teeth came out- felt the they were ripped, actually. I spat them out as longer, sharper teeth took there place. Then the convulsions eased, the pain in my head faded to a dull throb. I stared up at Evan. His eyes were wide, shocked. I eyed the glass of blood he'd set on his desk. My teeth throbbed when I caught the scent of blood. An inhuman growl rumbled from me and I could smell my own fear. What the hell? I don't want to be a fucking vampire!

"What the fuck did you do to me?" I snarled at Evan, baring my tiny fangs. He bared his, they were longer and curved a little more.

"I didn't do anything to you." He murmured, gently taking my hand and inhaling the sent on my wrist. "Dhampir." He murmured so low I could barely hear him. Then a little louder, "You're a dhampir!"