A/N: And now, the end, my dear readers. Ah, this has been fun. But all things, sadly, must end. Not an uber amount of action in here, but meh, what can you do? Anyway, I actually didn't intend for any Rhyan-x-Evan action here, but my self-appointed theme song for them started playing and it went from there. xD Also, because I'm awesome and I'm on a school break, I've got the first chapter of the next Rhyan story done. I'll get it uploaded sometime soon. Enjoy, mah loyal readers.

"You're out of your fucking mind." I told Mychael, point blank, after he'd explained why he was after the king, whose name I learned was Ky. What the blue fuck was with the letter 'y', anyhow? He'd taken me to another Star Trek inspired room. Complete with sliding door. It was similar to the room I'd woken up in, but a lot bigger and it had a bed. I didn't like it one fucking bit, even though my gargoyle 'friend' had said I wouldn't actually get hurt. My only purpose was to draw him in. He apparently was unaware of the fact I had druid blood, and had a redhead fetish. Flattering in a really fucked and creepy way.

"I believe I have already told you that Ky will not touch you." Mych, he'd told me to call him that, muttered, rolling his purple eyes. Apparently, all gargoyles had purple eyes in the humanoid form they could assume. He'd mentioned something about the black of gargoyle eyes and the pigmentless red of human eyes making purple. I didn't understand the logic behind that, but I didn't bother to say anything. This world wasn't mine and I didn't know how things worked. So maybe red and black made purple. I thought it just made a blood color, but whatever.

'Yeah well, what happens if you lose?" I asked him as he tied me to the bed. This was unnerving. I didn't like bondage of any kind. "And haven't I been tied to enough things today?" I gave the leather straps a soft tug.

"If I lose, all three of us die." He said simply, not missing a beat. "And if you're tied up, it's less, ah, suspicious. Besides, you look very nice all trussed and helpless."

I gave him my best unamused look and he smiled. "Do not even think of anything even slightly close to what happened in the arena, or I'll kick your leathery ass."

He chuckled quietly and turned away from me walking to a chair, perfectly positioned to watch the show that would never happen. Or, at least, I hoped wouldn't happen. Caught up in the moment earlier, I had wondered what it would feel like, and now the little voice that kept me from doing exceptionally stupid things was informing me that, no, I did not want to find out what it was like to be raped and tortured by a gargoyle, and I was thoroughly agreeing with the voice.

It was then that the door slid open, and a large man with hair so dark red it looked black entered the room. His purple eyes surveyed the room, landing on me. He smiled darkly. "I had heard you had a gift for me, Mych. I did not know she was so, mmm, appealing." The front of his loose cotton pants tented and my stomach roiled.

"Might I add she's a natural redhead." Mychael informed his king with a lecherous little twinkle in his eye. I could smell the scent of my own fear, and Ky inhaled deeply.

"Nothing better than human fear. I had forgotten it smelled so potent on those with a heartbeat." He looked at Mych. "A dhampir is a very rare treat, Mych. You will be rewarded well for this." Ky turned his attention back to me and I growled.

"Better than you know." Mych muttered seconds before his clawed fist slammed heavily into Ky's skull. He grunted with the force of the blow, and rolled to the ground and up to his feet, shredding his human fa├žade with the same ease as Mych had seconds earlier. Then the two titans were on each other like rabid dogs, snarling and biting and ripping at each other.

Ky was bulkier than Mych, and his blows packed more power, but Mych was faster, his claws were sharper and the left bloody furrows in his king's skin. I noticed both the gargoyle's looked sexless below the waist. Convenient, weird, but convenient.

Mych dug a hand into Ky's hair and hauled him around until he tripped, his mammoth weight going down, but his scalp staying where it was. The squelching, wet sound of ripping flesh rent the air and Ky made a sound the started as a snarl and ended in a screaming yelp. Blood squirted the room, some landing on me, most on Mych and the floor.

Ky's dull-clawed hands went to his head, drawing attention to the white and red mosaic of his skull. He screamed loudly and Mych tossed his king's gory scalp aside and smashed the seemingly fragile bone that protected Ky's brain. Blood, bone, and thick grey colored liquid spurted from his skull and I winced when some of the brain bits touched me.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, Mych proceeded to scoop the mottled, mangled brain pulp from what was left of Ky's skull and let the mush fall to the floor in a macabre puddle.

That done, he stood, transforming as he did so, striding over to me and snapping the bindings. "We must hurry." He growled, yanking me flush against his body. I squeaked from the impact and then my voice was cut off when our bodies seemingly imploded and I was yanked harshly through the veil that separated the worlds. My head his something solid and I blacked out, but not before Mych muttered a farewell into my ear.

When my eyes flared open they were looking up into the familiar sage colored eyes of my lover. I noticed that faint red tracks lined his pale cheeks. "Oh, God, Rhyan." He whispered over my mouth, voice thick with emotion. "I thought you were dead." And then our mouths sealed together, his tongue forging it's way inside. Our teeth and fangs clicked together and I could taste blood, his and mine. It only succeeded in deepening the kiss, making both of us even more hungry for each other.

We ripped at each others clothes, getting enough of them off or at least open enough so that his cool, hard flesh pressed urgently against the warm softness of my lower belly. Evan groaned, pulling from the floor where I'd woken on and pushing me against a wall. I slipped a hand between our bodies, aligning his hard, thick arousal against my opening.

Desperately he sheathed his body inside mine and I screeched into his mouth at the sudden invasion. He ate the sound greedily, rolling his hips against mine, urging me to catch his mad rhythm, and I did, wrapping my arms around him and digging my nails into his shoulders. He snarled into my mouth and increased the force of our fucking. If I'd been human, he'd probably have killed me, but as it was, I managed to meet his aggression.

He broke the kiss and I drew in a ragged breath as he kissed and nipped at my jaw. When his lips were close to my ear, he growled, "Bite me." I managed a nod as he shifted me a little so he could worship my breasts with his lips, tongue, and teeth.

Our bodies strained and fought with each other, vying for release, and finally, Evan drove his hips up in one hard lunge and held himself there, his shaft swelling inside me and then shooting his cool spend against my womb. I went over a heartbeat later, burying my face into his neck and clamping my teeth into his flesh. The first cool, intoxicating rush of his blood sent me over a second time and he made a sound when my inner muscles contracted against his overly sensitive flesh. Slowly, we sank to the floor and after a moment, I pulled back from his neck, lapping at the bite marks until they began to heal.

With a groan, Evan got to his feet, keeping our bodies connected, and managed to get us to my bed where we collapsed together, sticky and spent, my breath and heartbeat eventually slowing to a more normal pace. My lover whispered dark, carnal, bedroom words against my throat, kissing the sensitive skin there. I smiled contentedly, lost in the afterglow and buzz of his blood. The last thing he said before I slipped into the calm, cool waters of sleep was, "Good night, kitten. Rest well."