"Hi! My name's Misha and I just moved here."


"Hey, did you hear me? I said my name's Misha and I'm new here."


"Hello? Anyone in there?"


"Gonnamit!! I'm talking to you!!" -Pushes the boy off his chair.-

"…" -Glare Glare-

"Don't glare at me! You deserved that!" -Rests hands on her hips-

"…" -Glare Skeptical look Glare-

"Oh! Is something wrong with your voice? Are you mute? Or you just can't speak right now?" -Worried look with hands still on hips-

"…" -Ignore Ignore-

"Argh! Why are you making this so difficult?! I just wanted to make a new friend!" -Rant Rant Rave Rave-

"…" -Twitch Twitch-

'Why doesn't she just go away?'

"I mean, I was just gonna come over, talk a bit, then make a friend. That isn't so hard, is it?!" -Rant Rant Rave Rave-

"…" -Twitch Twitch-

'A bit? You've been talking for an hour! Just shut up already!'

"And what do I get?! A stubborn boy, no new friend, and a twitching ice cube! Stop twitching would ya? You look like a jelly bean having a seizure."

"…" -Twitch Glare Twitch-

"And that's not all!! You even-"

"Argh! That's it! I'll be your friend, just shut up already!!" -Breathes heavily Glare Breathes heavily-

"Okay! I'll see you later then!" -Waves bye and Runs off-

"… What just happened?" -Blink Blink Smile-

"Whatever you say my friend, whatever you say." -Puts hand in pocket and Walks home-


"And that's when I knew your mother was the one. Good-night honey."

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