Author Note: I wrote this solely because I felt like this once. I kinda still do, but that's for another post. Please enjoy. And review too!! You know you wanna!! Anyhow, this isn't my song so 'DISCLAIMER'! It's called Falling and it's by Keahiwai. That is all...

I wanna tell you baby
That you're the one I'm thinking of.

As I listen to this song, I can't help but be reminded of you and how this song explains our relationship so well. We've been best friends since we were born. It's practically nature's law that I fall in love with you. And I have. I fell for you. And I fell for you hard. Now it feels like I love you so much, my heart's overflowing. Too bad it's cracking at the same time.

But your heart is still with her
And I think she
's the one that you love.

Right when I was gonna tell you how I feel, you got a girlfriend. And it wasn't one of those 'once I get in her pants she's gone' kind of relationship. You loved her. I could tell. -Scoffs- Like I needed to. You reminded me every chance you got. "I love her," you say. "She completes me," you say. Why can't that be me? Oh, how I want to kill her right now…

I only want you happy
Even if it
's not with me.

But I just want you to be happy. Even if it's not me whose making you that. I want you to have that perfect life, a happy perfect life. Even if I'm not the one you say 'I do' to, or the one who's the mother of your children. As long as you're happy, I'd be fine. Because your happiness is all that matters to me.

Maybe one day
You'll open up your eyes and you'll see.

Man-oh-man did I pray a lot. Every night, right before I slept, I would pray you'd notice me. Whichever way that came. If it was just as a friend or as your true love, I'd take anything. I just want you to need me, just like I need you. I want to know I at least have a small space in your heart. Even if it's just a little tiny dot. I want to smile at me like you do for her. But you don't. And I guess, I'm okay with that. Seeing you happy is enough. And boy, do I see it.

That I think I'm falling.
Baby, I'm fallin for you.
Yeah, I think I'm falling.
Baby I'm fallin for you.

Even if I can't have you the way I dream of, I still hope you're happy. I wish you the best. And I hope you find true love, even if that's with your snobby bitch of a whore. Hey, I said I'd tolerate her. That's not gonna stop my insults. -Smirks- She's just gonna have to deal with it. That's right. Suck it up whore. Suck. It. Up.