Sanity of Madness by AndromedaMarine

An evil voice inside my head is gnawing at my ear
But if you look into the dark it'd say, "There's nothing here!"
It has a name, I'm sure, but it requires concentration
And if I had a shoddy day, it's means for his celebration.

I must be mad, if not, then he's in everybody's head
Or maybe it's just me, and he's another thing instead.
I may be sane, it's plausible, but let's not write the word
For if I did, he'd tell me that I'm just a bit absurd.

The voice is many things, including moral GPS
Yet if I knew the path was wrong I'd not have so much stress.
There're questions, still, to ask myself, or inquire of the voice
And if he answers me at all I'll make a quite-wrong choice.

Ah! I can remember his name now – it is Beelzebub
Or Satan, if you do prefer, for that's what he's been dubbed.
My mind is full of that toxic voice, like candy to a kid
So shine the Light in every corner and maybe I'll be rid.

Acknowledging my conscience now has led me to believe
Memories that ought be there I must now go retrieve.
Insanity – or madness too, good friend in lonely times
I have an extra hand to help in bringing out these rhymes!

Perhaps I'm saner than a person walking down the street
And if I am that's one less man with whom I must compete.
So I tell everyone in range if ever we have crossed
The sanity of madness is a thing that can't be lost.