I'm trying something totally new with this, so please read and tell me how I did.


"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be called a freak?"

Hell, I call myself that because that's what I am.

"'Normal' is a matter of opinion, right?"

Of course, one's view of normal is not like any other's.

"What does life mean to you?"

A tough question to answer; I believe life is however you see it. I see it as a dark and twisted event in time. A Fun House on Halloween, you could say.

"What does death mean to you?"

Death is a freedom, which gives us the truth that the living can never know.

"Are you insane or just crazy?"

What a gut blow! You doubt me, my friend? You doubt my insanity?

"Are you insane or crazy?"

I have to be insane, I am talking to you aren't I?

"What do you mean?"

Idiot, you are part of me, a voice in my dark mind.

"You just called yourself an idiot then my friend."

Damn it!

Well, what do you think?