I can still taste your
cock in my mouth and
smell in on my hands.

Feel you pushing me
back into the chain link fence,
wrapping your arms around me
and just holding me.

But it didn't mean
the same thing to you
as it did to me.

You sent me a picture
of your dick,
and it didn't mean a
thing to me.

I only like it
because it's yours.
I love you for all your flaws,
real and imagined.

Stop calling it delusional
just because you can't return it.
Don't discredit my feelings.
if I only loved the idea of you
wouldn't I be long gone?

I saw Babydoll today. He gave me his journal, well gave me two journals.

Then he said he didn't deserve me and I told him to shush because everyone needs at least one friend.