A/N: for any of you who live in a snowy climate and LIKE it, this one's for you :D

The wind blew softly, its breath tingling with silver dust that became white under the yellow light of the lamp post that stood at the end of our driveway. This wintry breath held a certain magic about it- a magic neither heard, nor captured. It was a quiet magic, built with wind, and molded by the pure hearts of children. One by one, the spindley specks floated to the ground with stacato- like precision, catching onto their previously grounded fellows. From behind the bay window, the world looked serene.

Yet, in the midst of all that peace laid a subconscious feeling, recalling human ancestors from long ago who looked with ancient fear into the blue, winter nights. The mountains surrounding our home were littered with skeletal trees which stood tall and frail, collecting globs of pale blue snow that became luminescent in contrast with their black branches. Among these, littered vast, looming pines, proudly wearing their needles as protection against the cold. Twilight was dimming, and even the snow became dark with the arrival of another long, bitter, winter night.

Though the vent underneath the window gushed warm air, the stinging in my eyes told me I needed sleep. I walked down the dark hall, and opened the door to the bedroom find the air warm, and inky black, aside for the soft golden light of a night light in the bathroom. With only the aid of that dim, little light, I managed to make my way into the bed without finding anything to trip over- quite a feat for someone as clumsy as me. I was suddenly overtaken with such a wave of exhaustion that I felt too tired to change into pajamas. So, I snuggled between the warm sheets and comforter, into your arms.

Just as I'm drifting off to sleep, I feel the light touch of your lips on my hair, and I respond by cuddling closer to your warmth. Safe and warm, these blue winter nights are best spent with you.