The time stopped.

I'm sad, I'm sad, I'm sad, I'm...

The tears don't appear,
maybe it's too sad.

Why to cry?

I know you've gone and you'll never return,
I mean, I could look for you
but I'm so tired I don't even try.

I just look at the window and I see the people
run in a great hurry in the faded streets
as if they had somewhere to arrive.

Whereas I'd rather remain seated,
I realize the clock stopped its pace...

The time stopped?

This isn't a memory I want to keep,
the goodbye always hurts
when it's said,
it's completely a lie, but...

We weren't a lie
though we lied, right?

You were here, you were here, you were...

The laughter resound in my mind and I smile,
maybe we were here.

Why to be sad?

I know I didn't say it and I'll never say it,
but you know it, ┬┐don't you?
The love was everything... It's everything.

I just close my eyes and I see you,
we can dream of being together forever
as if we were a flower from the same seed.

The time stopped...

When it was time to say goodbye.