I Really Did

Elizabeth's POV

Everything was going just the way I had planned. Demitri's parents loved me, my parents loved him. The wedding dress was just the way I designed and wanted it. The decorations, colors, the food… everything was perfect. There was just one flaw… that affected everything.

His expression.

I looked at Demitri to see if he was either angry or happy… or anything. But when I saw his face… it was dead. It looked tired, beat up, and just gone… the usual bright and happy face that I was always attracted to was just gone.

It'll pass over. Maybe he's just nervous

The time had come. I was walking down the aisle… smiling proudly. Then I saw her… the girl that had been interfering with everything. I hated her with a burning passion, I hoped that she would just disappear from my life. But when I saw her expression today… something changed…

She wasn't looking at me or anything else… she was looking at Demitri. And when I looked at him to see if he would be looking at me, he wasn't. He was looking at her. His eyes were glassy and because I was close up, I could tell up… he looked as if he was about to cry. And Rachel… was already crying.

I looked up at him and gave him a smile to see if it would do anything… change anything. But it didn't. He simply led me up the steps to the altar with a distant and dull look. He wasn't even looking at me, he was looking at her then at the floor.

To him, I wasn't even there… Then the priest continued on, he asked the question of objection… Then I did something I never would've done… especially for a girl like her that kept on ruining my life. I had worked so hard to get to where I was right now, I had gone through so much effort and so much humiliation to get here. I had trained since I was a child to be a capable lady so I could marry into a rich family and be in a famous company. And because of this meddling girl and the one guy that I had actually truly liked…

I raised my hand.