Audacia by AndromedaMarine

A Latin word for 'courage'
Is exactly what I need
To face the fear's persona
And learn to take the lead.

A Latin word for 'strength'
Provides me motivation
To change my past and what's to come
To learn to trust the notion.

To see the word each day
Now scribed upon my skin
It gives me strength to move along
And know where to begin.

To shun the eerie daemon
With confidence in hand
To always have a friend nearby
Who'll always with me stand.

Audacia, my bona fide
My peace and my salvation
The truth that comes with courage new
With veritas, creation.

To have a special person
Beside me all the time
Audacia is what I get
And words are used in mime.

The Latin word I seek
To get me through each day
Reminds me that I'm not alone;
That there are shades of grey.

Audacia, Movere
Motivation and courage
The words that ring inside my head
Who carry but a message.

The Latin word for 'strength'
For 'courage' I now own
My future is now all I have
My Audacia has grown.