Scrutinize my tired eyes
And listen to me breathe
Rapidly my lungs contract;
My blood ceases to seethe.

I see a rainbow through the clouds;
My mind is rendered calm
The world in which I feel such pain
Rests snugly in my palm.

It would appear I have no fears
And just a simple smile
But look a little deeper
And you'll see it's not worthwhile:

To live a life of guile and lies
Just to circumvent
The 'caring' looks and empathy
The mind does so resent.

For every time I flash a smile
That I know is a lie
A river forms inside of me
That drowns me 'til I die.

A/N: I think I will actually enjoy (kind of xD) getting criticism on this poem because I think it is a different writing style for me and I'm not sure if the poem is really finished or not... reviews please? :D