Scrutinize these eyes that weep
And watch them as they slowly creep
Into a place where they don't need to hide.

In my own world my tears are free
To breathe and dance and send my plea
To those who know that inside I have died.

Eventually I must depart
From the true home of my heart
And dry the tears that tumble down my cheek.

I must now fade into the peace
And make all of this nonsense cease
So people cannot label me as weak.

And so I'll wear this smile with pride
And hide the tears that fall inside
Just because they neutralise the pain.

I'll sing a song of strength and hope
To show my friends that I can cope
With all the evil thoughts within my brain.

And though my plan may not ring true
I'll take a seat and watch the view;
The epitome of energy and light.

I'm sure one day I'll breathe for real
And maybe I'll begin to feel
Just before I move into the night.

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