I dropped the box, and did as the man said, raising my hands up to show that I was unarmed.

The man walked closer to me, and I stood there, shaking. He'd probably thought it was from fear, since he put a hand out, as if to calm me, or a wild beast. If only he knew.

"Damn, your just a kid," I heard him murmur to himself, and I would have retorted if I wasn't panicking at the moment.

He finally was standing near me, and I think I might have made him drop his guard with the fact that I was pretty young. Just turned eighteen two months ago.

He reached out to grab my chin, to make me look him in the eye, seemingly forgotten that I was stealing from this house. The moment his hand touched me I lashed out, hitting the arm away, and grabbing at the one with the gun. I managed to get it out of his hands before he knew what I was doing, and I backed away.

I didn't like doing this. I steal things, and I don't like injuring people, especially if they're just doing their job, or doing what they think is right for the community.

The man backed up after I got a hold of the gun, putting both his hands out this time, again as if he was trying to calm a raging beast.

"You don't want to do this." He stated, as if he knew what I wanted. Weird thing is, I wasn't even pointing the gun anywhere, except at my own foot.

He flinched when I raised it up though, but not pointing at him. I managed to get the mag out, and I threw it as far as I could. Then I tossed the gun, picked up the box, and made a run for it while the man was looking the way I though his weapon.

I made it a little into the woods when something grabbed onto my shirt from behind, pulling me back.

I fell hard on the ground, dropping the box, which opened and about fifty files fell out, papers flying everywhere. Son of a bitch!

The man was still holding onto the back of my shirt, glancing at the files. I was turned around, to where I was underneath his arms, and I pulled back, and the shirt was tugged over my head.

I started running again as the older man was looking at the shirt he'd gotten.

I was dead meat, and I knew it. The moon was seconds away from it's zenith, and I could already feel the change.

I almost had to stop because the pain was so unbearable, my whole body felt like it was on fire, most of the pain in my fingers, knees, lower back and head.

Suddenly, my body pulsed, and I did fall over, and my vision went white. I curled up in a ball, knowing I couldn't do anything about the pain except wait it out.

"Shit, kid, are you okay?" I somehow heard over the rushing in my ears. I felt hands on me as my body started convulsing, and my skin felt as if it were melting.

I felt a hand on my wrist, tugging it away from my head, where I had unconsciously been trying to pull my hair out harshly, and my other hand was digging fingernails that where growing by the second, into my stomach, and I could smell the blood.

I still couldn't see anything, and my body pulsed again, and it took all I could not to cry out in agony.

And then, most of the pain faded. My vision was slowly coming back, albeit far better than ever, more sensitive than ever.

"Holy shit…" The man said from somewhere behind me, and I flinched, because it sounded too loud.

I didn't know what to do. My brother wasn't here anymore to help me. There was nothing I could do, it was too late to hide. I only had myself to blame.

I was greedy, and this is what happened. I was stupid, and I got found out.

I'm only part human, and I managed to hide it for eighteen years. I don't know what's going to happen, what this man is going to do, who he'll tell my secret to.

"Kid… what the hell?" I clenched my fists, and accidentally let out a pained groan when I tried to move.

After a few moments of silence, and when I was wondering what the man was going to do, I felt something warm touch the fuzzy appendages sticking out of the top of my head now. I knew from earlier times that they were hard to see because they were hidden by my hair, which, for genetic reasons, was a mix of three different colors, brown, white, and an brownish orange.

He started rubbing at my second pair of ears, probably to see if they were real or something, but it felt so good, and I couldn't help but purr. I even tried to lean my head into his hand, but he quickly removed it when I moved.

That's when I remembered all that had happened.

I quickly jumped up, limbs protesting, and gave out a menacing hiss, and the man backed away. Now that I could see him clearly, he was very good looking, in that plain sort of way. Brown hair, and I think brown eyes. I couldn't see everything. Lean muscles, yet bigger than me. Just a bit taller too. He looked tired too, and in need of a shave.

It wasn't a good time to be checking him out though, and I turned around, all to ready to scamper off, when I felt a hand on something it shouldn't have been.

"FUCK!" I screeched out, after I came back to the ground because I had jumped. The bastard pulled my tale!

"It's- it's real…" He wasn't even looking right at me, but at my newly grown tail that was swishing back and forth agitatedly behind me.

"Of course it is! I didn't have it before, did I!" I yelled at him, and he jumped. I grabbed my tail myself, but I didn't pull like that jackass did.

It was fuzzy, and was the same color as my hair, except in rings.

"What-what are you?" he said, and I remembered what I was supposed to be doing. This time, when I turned around, I made sure that he had nothing to grab, and I ran off, as quick as I could.

I figured, if he told anyone, they'd think he was crazy or something.

I ran about half a mile before I stopped, and looked back, though I already knew that the man hadn't followed me.

Even still, I waited for a moment, listening intently. When I heard nothing, I began to walk.

Eventually, I ended up at the edge of the woods, but knew I couldn't leave.

It seemed like I was going to have to spend the rest of the night in the woods. Not like I haven't before, I usually do whenever I change.

I walked along the edge of the woods, and ended up at a park. There was a outcropping of large rocks deeper in, and I headed for that. It was littered in wrappers, cigarettes and beer bottles, but it was somewhere to go, for a while. It was too cold for normal people to come here, being that it was in the middle of winter. I was lucky that it hadn't snowed yet.

For the next couple of hours, I had stayed alert, sitting under an overhanging rock, slightly worried that it might crush me if it fell, but otherwise freezing my ass off.

To pass the time, I started examining myself. My fingers weren't normal anymore, they'd grown to an unusual length, about another inch and a half, and my fingernails had grown too. No matter how many times I file them down, and round them off, they always become pointed during the change.

I know had two set of ears, which was just fucking weird. It left my normal, human ones useless. It was hard to notice though, because my hair was usually a mess, and covered my ears, which were furry like my tail.

Which brings me to my tail. The one that that bastard pulled. And of course the only one that I have, it was covered in short, soft fur, that I'd be proud of if it didn't mean that I had to hide practically my whole life.

I'm a werecat, plain and simple. Actually, like, three quarters, actually, because my mom was half, and my dad was a full werecat. It was the only thing keeping me from changing into a cat full on. I can also change into this form whenever I wanted, if I wanted.

But I'm forced into this form on the last day of the full moon, same as any other of my kind.

I mean yeah, being what I was had some advantages. Most of my abilities improved, strength, all of the five senses, speed, sneakiness…

Things like that, I just wish I could do with ought looking like a freak or a monster, oh but no, that would be too easy.

It. Is. Cold.

I don't even have a shirt anymore, thanks to that bastard. I wonder who he was, anyway. He acted like had authority, but he didn't have a police uniform, and he also didn't act like a policeman, nor a police car, and he wasn't even with the rest of the policemen, which led me to conclude that he wasn't a cop.

Then what? Maybe just some regular person with a license to wave guns in public? For some reason, I really doubt that. He was probably just some worker at the house.

I wondered if I was going to have to find him again, to make sure he didn't tell anyone, but then I decided, yeah, just let everyone think he was crazy. I was never going back to that place ever again.

Where I am going to be going eventually, was home. I just had to wait until dawn.

Damn it's cold.

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