Have you ever wondered,

Why we feel such distasteful sins?

Control it,

Before it controls you.

"Nice, Akemi." Ren complimented, patting Akemi's shoulder. The younger girl's blue and green eyes were bloodshot, her grip on Dominic's sword unchanged. The two stood in the middle of a handful of corpses, the blood draining from their bodies matching the red stains on Akemi's blade. "You're doing pretty good, for someone who just joined us two years ago. Not bad. Not bad at all."

"Oh my, a compliment from little Ren?" Allen said, smiling. Ren scoffed, and shrugged. Playing with a strand of silver hair, she walked away to find Meute, muttering under her breath a quiet, 'Don't call me little.'

Akemi stood still in the middle of the carnage she had created. Smoke was rising from the handle of her blade, slowly drifting into the air. A small bit of metal chipped off the blade, making a tiny clack as it hit the ground.

"It'll keep doing that, y'know." Allen said, walking up to his newest subordinate.

She didn't respond. He wasn't expecting one.

"I know it's hard to let go, but you'll have to at some point in your life." He chided, lighting a cigarette. "Have you trained with your own weapon?"

Slowly, Akemi shook her head. Allen sighed, a puff of smoke escaping his lips.

"Akemi!" Raine yelled, running to her friend's side. "Akemi!"

Watching the young teen run, Ein decided to let her go-for now-and concentrate on the rest of the group. He held his spear by the chain with his right hand, swinging it carelessly at his side, the blade making small dents into the ground as he did so.

"Wake up! Akemi!" Raine yelled, elevating Akemi's head with her small hands. She felt for a pulse through her chest, which was at the moment, bleeding nonstop. Ignoring the blood pouring onto her hands, she felt for a heartbeat until-

"…R…Raine…" Akemi struggled to say, opening her eyes. Her left hand clenched the handle of Dominic's sword, only the base of the sword left.

"Oh, Akemi!" Raine said, almost tearing with joy. "Are you alright?"

"I'm…I-" The older woman tried to speak, until she coughed some blood. "…You're…noisy…"

"Well it woke you up, so no complaining." The young girl replied, forcing a smile. Akemi weakly smiled back, blinking when she spotted the small, white cube that lay only an inch away from her hand.

"Hey, you." Ren spoke up, lowering her axe a little. Ein raised an eyebrow, but didn't stop swinging his spear. Allen slowly got up, his hands on his knees for support. Mexes got up, straightening his shoulders and picking up his guns.

"I thought you didn't want a conversation." Ein replied, smiling. Alexander rolled his shoulders, taking a stance with his broadsword. Meute stood still besides Ren, who frowned.

"How'd you do that?" She asked, pointing with her head in the direction of Akemi and Raine. "You cut her body, but her clothes are untouched."

"Oh~ Curious, are we?" Ein gently said, his smile widening. "I signed a magic contract, to put simply. You all still remember what it is, correct?"

"A magical contract, kept in the Organization's Head leader's library." Allen answered, frowning. "I heard that not many people could withstand the pact made when signing one. Are you telling us you managed to survive the pact?"

"Correct!" Ein answered, blinking a few times. "I signed a magic contract that allows me to pass through any solid material. Cool, yeah?"

"Walking through walls? How boring." Alexander smirked, his left eye slightly twitching. "Besides, I heard that your life span decreases every time you sign a contract."

Ein's smile disappeared, a mischievous smirk replacing it. "Oh, that won't be a problem in the future."

"Huh?" Ren questioned, raising an eyebrow. Ein laughed, and swung his spear at a higher speed, walking towards the remaining five. Alarmed, she raised her axe to guard herself.

"It's been nice talking to you all," Ein said, his silent footsteps inching closer. "But I really must get back to work. If I don't, Hector would-"

"-Would what, Ein?" A male voice spoke out, a dark figure appearing next to Ein.

"Wha-Oh! Aha ha ha!! Hector! You came a lot sooner than I thought!" Ein laughed, smiling. The others watched the new figure, taking note of the XO symbol Hector wore on the back of his shirt.

Helping Akemi get up, Raine struggled a little under Akemi's weight, slightly surprised at how light the older woman felt. She watched Akemi's grip on Dominic's broken sword loosen then tighten upon hearing the name 'Hector.'

"Hec…tor…?" Akemi whispered, ignoring the giant bleeding gash across her chest and stomach. She looked up, and saw him.

He looked exactly the same the last time Akemi had saw him: Short, blonde hair in separate spikes on his head, locks falling in front of his face. He still wore the same clothes, too. The red vest he wore on top of a white dress shirt still carried the XO Organization symbol. Two black, metallic looking dragonheads acted as his shoulder guards, the eyes glowing red. She watched his eyes pass over her's, but ignored the girl.

"You spent too much time talking, Ein." Hector said, shoving his hands into his black pants pockets. "As of now, you are forbidden to partake in this battle any longer."

"Oh! Oops." Ein nervously smiled, his manner very much like a child caught red handed. "Uh…uhm…well…"

"Forget it." Hector said, shrugging. He turned his attention to Allen and the rest, his face showing no signs of emotions. "…You all."

"…Hector." Allen said, frowning. "If you're here to kill all of us, then-"

"No, I'm not." The man replied, taking a deep breath. "I'm only here to pick up Ein."

"Oh, little ol' me? You shouldn't have." Ein smiled, the act disappearing when Hector sent him a chilling glare. "Well, I don't think we should be leaving now, Hector."

"And why not?" Hector asked, raising an eyebrow.

Pointing a thumb towards Raine's direction, Ein said simply: "Akemi's gone."

Alarmed, Hector quickly spun in a circle to avoid getting sliced by Akemi's broken blade, the tip only cutting a thread off of Hector's red vest.

Breathing heavily, Akemi gulped, the bleeding only slowing down a little. She raised Dominic's broken sword at Hector's head. "Hector."

"…Akemi." He said, blinking. "My, you've grown."

Not bothering to reply, she rushed in towards her brother's killer, swinging the broken blade. Hector dodged every attack easily, his facial expression unchanged.

"Dammit, Akemi!" Ren cursed, shaking her head. "Hector's gonna kill her-"

"No, he won't." Allen said, watching the fight carefully. Akemi swung down hard, only to have Hector tap her back, the girl temporarily losing her balance. Struggling to regain her balance, she caught herself and continued to attack. "If he was here to kill us, he wouldn't have stopped Ein."

"I don't get any of this." Alexander said, confused. "Should we try to stop Akemi? Should we try to fight Hector and Ein?"

"By the looks of things, we won't win for sure." Mexes added, clenching his fists. "Akemi knows this, and yet why is she still trying?"

"It's for her brother!" Raine yelled, running towards the group. Ren raised an eyebrow at the new addiction. "This is the only way she can get over her brother's death. By killing that man."

"How do you know something like that, shorty? Akemi would never tell you that straight out." Ren asked, Raine growing red at the nickname.

"Because I just do!" The younger girl said. She struggled over her own words, unsure of what to say. "It's…it's kinda complicated!"

"I don't care." Mexes said, sighing. He flexed his arms, ready to fight. "We can't let Akemi fight by herself-"

A loud clang was heard as Dominic's sword flew out of Akemi's hands, Hector's large gloved hand grasping onto her thin wrist.

"I'm not here to kill you." Hector said, staring into Akemi's mismatched blue and green eyes.

"Well I am." Akemi responded, her other wrist tightening. Whatever was in her free hand glowed, and a long weapon shined brightly, taking form of a sword. The entire blade was pure white, six empty squares lined up in three rows of two, cut in the middle. The handle was black steel, a small latch in the middle.

Looking down at her new weapon, Akemi swung the sword towards Hector's neck, who let go of Akemi's wrist in time to dodge the attack. Gently regaining his composure, he scanned the new weapon she held.

"Is that your weapon, Akemi?" He asked even though he knew the answer. Akemi didn't answer, only adjusted her hold on her new sword.

"Akemi…" Allen called out, worried.

Not bothering to look at the elder man, Akemi took a stance. "Don't interfere. He's mine."

"Big words for a small girl." Ein interrupted, looking bored. "Just because you're using your own sword doesn't mean you're gonna win."

"Quiet, Ein." Hector snapped, the younger man cringing at his sharp voice. The blonde man turned his attention back to his opponent. "Is this the first fight you're in, using that sword?"

Remaining silent, Akemi held her sword tightly. Her palm forced itself against the latch, releasing itself.

Surprised, Akemi now held two swords in her hands, the previous sword having split itself. Each sword now had three empty squares lined up in a vertical line along the blade, the handle now in a half circle. Testing out its weight, Akemi smirked.

"This'll work." She whispered under her breath, disappearing from Hector's sight, swinging one sword at his neck, and one at his chest.

"Urgh…!" Hector groaned in surprise, dodging the first attack. Quickly stepping back, his neck was still intact, but a thin line was clearly visible across his chest, blood starting to seep through his vest.

Quickly ignoring the small cut, Hector almost smiled. "Ha ha…irony, is it?" He said, looking at Akemi's blood soaked shirt, then his own. "You surprised me."

"Next is your head." Akemi smirked, rushing towards Hector. She confidently swung down, only to see that her swords hit empty space.

"Behind you." Hector whispered into Akemi's hear, the girl jumped in surprise. Quickly, she swung her right sword, only to be caught again by Hector's hand. "You've lost too much blood already. You're slow."

With a quick tap to the back of her head, Akemi dropped to the floor, unconscious. Hector caught the girl midway in his strong arms, and frowned. He watched her swords revert back into one sword, the white blade shining in the desert sun.

"You'll put her down, right now." Allen threatened, drawing out his own thin sword. Hector looked over at the rest of Akemi's group, all of them staring between him and the knocked out girl.

"…Of course, Allen." Hector replied, to which Ein shook his head, unsure of what had just happened.

"Hey! Hector!" Ein yelled, quickly walking up to the man, who was about to put down Akemi. "What're you doing!?'

"At the moment, she is of no use to us." The blonde man replied. "Also, you best hold your tongue. You're in no position to argue with me right now."

Gritting his teeth, Ein, for the first time, looked uneasy, his eyebrows scrunching up together. Hector paid no attention to the sulking man besides him, and tossed Akemi into the air. Acting quickly, Mexes caught the sleeping girl bridal style, Raine rushing to her friend's side.

Tossing Akemi's sword back to the group, Alexander fumbled with the naked blade, afraid to touch the sharp edges. Smoke hissed where Alexander's palm touched the handle, the man wincing at the smoke drifting into the air.

"We'll be leaving you all." Hector said politely. "Good day to you all."

Just as mysterious as he appeared onto the scene, he, along with Ein, disappeared.

"…Urgh…" Akemi groaned in pain, painfully opening her eyes. Besides a total 'déjà vu' moment, she felt the ground below her shake a little, spotting Raine sitting next to her, and Ren and Meute across the room. A metallic, barricaded, strangely familiar room-

"AUGH." The teen yelled in surprise. Raine yelped in response, jolted out of her seat on the floor. Ren almost lost her balance, but Meute seemed unaffected.

"What the hell, yelling randomly like that!?" Ren said angrily, walking towards Akemi.

"Wha…I thought…" Akemi muttered to herself, checking herself. She looked down and saw that her clothes were gone, replaced with clean bandages and a blanket. "I thought…hey…isn't this my room? In that stupid armor trailer?"

"We're in that stupid armor trailer right now. I prefer to call it a 'tank', but whatever suits you." Ren said, frowning. "And it's our room now. For us girls, anyways."

"Wha…" Akemi tried to comprehend everything, feeling a little groggy.

"You lost a lot of blood, you should lay down." Raine said gently, guiding Akemi back into a mat on the floor. "We'll explain everything as simply as we can."

"To put simply," Ren said, sarcastically adding in the quote motion with her fingers, "After you so intelligently allowed yourself to get whacked by one of the Organization Top Leaders, you fell unconscious, and Ein and Hector left."

"We're leaving town." Raine said sadly.

"Why…why are you still with us?" Akemi asked. Rolling her eyes, Ren sighed, irritated.

"Isn't it obvious? Ein and Hector both know Raine is with us. Well, you. Us. Whatever. Point is, we all gotta hide from those two." The silver haired girl said, taking a seat next to Raine, motioning Meute to sit down as well.

"…I'm sorry." Akemi apologized to Raine, feeling a strong pang of guilt in her chest. "I shouldn't have-"

"It's not a problem." Raine said, forcing a smile. "I already said my good byes to everyone back at the bar. I always wanted to go traveling, anyways."

"I'm sorry…" Akemi apologized again, closing her eyes. She breathed gently, the whole room silent. Only a few minutes later, a knock was heard at the door, Ren shouting out to come in.

Allen, Alexander, and Mexes all walked into the room, Mexes carrying Akemi's new sword wrapped in a white cloth. Alexander held Dominic's broken sword.

Sitting up, Akemi felt pain when she spotted Alexander gently putting Dominic's broken sword onto a nearby table. Mexes handed Akemi's sword over, stuffing the white cloth into his pocket.

"Who's driving the tank?" Ren asked.

"It's on auto." Allen answered, rubbing his tired eyes. "We're about to turn in for the night."

"Night? How long was I out?" Akemi asked. Raine laughed a little, only replying with a 'too long.'

"Anyways," Alexander changed the subject. "We just wanted to make sure you were okay, Akemi. Not gonna test your new sword on us, will you?" He chuckled nervously.

Smiling, Akemi shook her head once, and sighed. "…Thanks."

Pulling an extra sheet over her small shoulders, Akemi watched as Raine stopped shivering, snuggling into her collection of pillows and blankets. Praying that Raine wouldn't wake up, Akemi silently closed the door behind her as she made her way to the small meeting room, taking her new sword with her.

"Is she asleep?" Alexander asked.

"I want to drop her off at the next town we pass by." Akemi requested.

Shaking his head, Allen frowned. "Ein and Hector know that she's in league with us. If we carelessly leave her by herself for those two-or another Organization member-to capture her, what would you do, Akemi?"

"I'd rescue her-"

"-At Headquarters. Exactly." Allen finished. "You'll be falling into a trap, one we can easily avoid by keeping Raine with us at all times. Understand?"

"…Yes." Akemi answered. She took a seat at the table in the middle of the room, where the rest group was.

"Let's take a look, shall we?" Mexes asked, looking at Akemi's white sword. Understanding, Akemi placed the large, yet strangely thin sword onto the table.

"What I don't get is," Ren said, staring at the sword. "Why isn't it returning into it's cube form?"

"I don't know how to do it." Akemi said simply, feeling slightly embarrassed as Ren stifled a laugh. "What? I've never used it before, okay?"

"Don't get all sensitive, vampire freak." Ren smirked, lips twitching.

"I'm not, you dumb mutt." Akemi gritted her teeth.

"Both of you, calm down." Allen said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Akemi, I don't think that's the problem."

"Then what is?" She asked.

"Well…I'm not too sure yet, but it can wait. As of right now, we all have some clearing up to do, hm?"

"…What do you need to know?"

"Why were we ordered to kill you?" Mexes spoke up first.

"Wasn't it obvious?" Akemi asked. "The whole reason of me joining the Organization was so I could get close and assassinate Hector. As we can all see, it didn't work out as smoothly as I thought."

"So, after finding out about your plan," Alexander said, rubbing his chin in thought. "The top leaders ordered us to get rid of you to avoid Hector's head flying off his neck."

"And that's when you all faked killing me, correct?" Akemi asked.

"Correct." Ren answered, rubbing the side of her head with one finger. "Although, we didn't do it entirely to save your life."

"I figured as much."

"We needed you to help us." Mexes said. "No one at the Organization would believe us, and we don't trust anyone more than you."

"What happened?" Akemi asked, raising an eyebrow.

Taking out a map from his pocket, Allen removed Akemi's sword off the table and spread out the folded paper onto the table for all to see. Pointing at a spot on the map, he asked,

"Are you familiar with the organization called, 'The Black Blade?'"

Oh ugh. Things are turning in a slightly different direction that I've hoped, but I'll try to fix it before any major mistakes happen.

I had trouble trying to describe Akemi's sword and some certain scenes. Sorry it turned out a little confusing.