It was all coming together for me

Everythign seemed perfect

I thought for once

I would have what I always wanted


I thought you cared

I love you!

And I was happy

You smiled and flirted

I thought it was only a matter of time

Until you were mine

My heart was full of joy

My body tingled when ever i thought of you

I was so happy

So in love

But then you dashed it all

You said don't tell her what you said

You said it would be better to just be friends

I wanted to scream

To cry

To rip your face off

And then stab myself

How i hated the love i had for you then!

How i wished i could die!

How could you do that to me?

Wasn't it obvious how I felt?

Didn't you see?

Did you know how much that hurt?

Do you even care....

You can't just do that to me


I was so angery

I never felt that horrible in all my life

Sadness and anger so intertwined

I could not seperate them

Thats when i made a decision

I would not let you know how it hurt

I smiled and said of course

Of course i won't tell

Of course we were better off as friends

I let you think everything was fine

But it was anything but fine

Hell hath no fury like a women scorned

And i

Was a women scorned

Scorned by the man she loved

I promised myself

You would feel the way I do

I would make you fall for me

To love me

And not be able to have me

I want to make you give up everything to be with me

Then I will tell you its better to just stay friends

I wanted to make you pay

To get my revenge

But yet there was a part of me

That still loved you

And thats why i hurt some much

if i hadn't care

i wouldn't feel so angry

But I still love you

I still love you

I wish it wasn't true but it is

If you ever came to love me

I would forgive all your wrongs

Even if I didn't want to

ANd if i made you fall in love with me

I wouldn't be able to use it against you

I would kiss you

And say i had been waiting for a long time for you

I would fall more in love with you

It makes me so angry to know that

So I just pretend

I pretend I hate you

Yet i still am angry

Still wanting revenge

But i still love you

My hate is my disguise

My mask

I just pretend...

And hope you don't end up hurting me more

I plan my revenge

While pining away

Wishing you were dead

And at the same time

Wishing you were by my side

I love you

And I hate you

Is that possible?


Because I don't really hate you

I never could

I love you

And you broke my heart

That was when it all came crashing down

All my dreams of love