Rips through my chest

Am I dying?

Will my soul finally be put to rest?

Some one give me a reason

A reason to survive

A point to be alive


There's a hate

Burning through my soul

Eating at my mind

I'm losing control now

What am I to do?

Where can I go?

To escape it all


Some one out there please

Save this broken body

Don't leave me here to bleed!

I am slowly dying

Fading with each breath

Soon I will be gone


What is there to love?

As I lay here sinking

Into death like mud

What has love done for me?

It has sent me here

Sent me here to bleed


You were always there

Why aren't you beside me?

Do you even care?

Do you care that I am leaving?

Forever gone away

My life ends today

Your Face

If I could see it now

Maybe I could hold on

Stay here for a while

Maybe you could me

But you are far away

So far away


TO you I open my arms

Now that I am ready

I don't see much harm

In leaving this life

In going far away

Maybe that's where peace will lay

Good bye

My spirit flies away

No longer am I bound to this body of decay

No more pain or tears now

No more regrets I have

I'm floating far away