Shadows by AndromedaMarine

The path is long, a winding trail
A symphony, a song
And though we step along the stone
We sense there's something wrong.

The obstacles we battle with
Cannot obscure our road
Because our strength to carry on
Won't lessen with the load.

A shadow lurking 'cross the path
A formidable shape
A beast no one has ever lost
Now looking for escape.

And though we walk on stormy seas
We're walking side by side
The shadows lurk beside my heart
Attempting to divide.

A darkness unlike anything
I've ever seen before
A shadow with the burning eyes
Of things we can't ignore.

It rises up on dusty feet
To look us eye to eye
The scarlet sidles closer still
It's wishing us to die.

A daemon biding out its time
To catch us unawares
To break apart what has been forged
A shadow spreading snares.

This journey leading down the street
Of troubles left and right
The brooding fears and shadows now
Can leave and take to flight.

An evil past, its shadows here
To haunt me to this day
A hope that luck will turn around
That shadows never stay.

The strength to shun what now remains
A shadow, dust and smoke
The words to send it on its way
A shadow yet to cloak.

The shadow leaves us to our path
Receding to the dark
But still the fire may be lit
With just a simple spark.

The daemon has not gone away
It will return at night
And we are strong, we have defense
For shadows fade in light.