If You Really Looked at the Stars

The planet is populated with
people who see stars
as pinpoints of perfection,
lighters swaying above the earth
in commemoration of the
beauty around us and
others dwelling on the recognition that
stars are helium and hydrogen
exploding beneath a corona.

I was star struck by our sun
and lit a cigarette off of it
as it fell down the sky.
My every sentence ends in
an ellipses, the sunsets are
scary so I smoke them away
as the darkness surrounds me
and every night, I struggle against
the urge to hurt myself.

I am too depressed
to be poetic,

there's nothing in this world worth writing about.
I'd ask for help if
it wouldn't damage my appearance but,
secretly, I know
the sun will swallow Mercury
before chewing up Venus
and it will come for us,
I can see it. So,

I whisper to passersby and
people who do not care,
"Please, help me,
I want so badly
to see things differently
because I cannot handle myself."