Pt. 1- The Hurricane

We're like Pompeii
On the edge of a cliff
When the water is rising
Ready to spill over
The edge of this precipice

Were like dancers
That take to the stage
We don't know that were still
While the axis is spinning
Like the winds of a hurricane

When the bomb takes us
Up in a warming embrace
And our skin cleaned so well
That it's not there at all
And the sand took over
Its place

Pt. 1.5- Kaboom

In the plastic covered streets
There was a weapon
Made up of all the things
We missed.
And it blew us all away
It took the winds and
Pushed them into yesterday.
And on Sunday it took its rest…
And it cleaned the slate
And wiped us clean
Got rid of all the ugly scenes
We were so proud of.
There was nothing left
But a police line
Round the atmosphere
And the morning light.

Pt. 2- A Bedtime Story

I have a story for you all
Of fire and oceans

And a cell
That decided to divide
Charles, for that was his name,

Remembered what it was like
Before the bomb
Between the age of

Where the world was being born
And he went down that road again.

And so he crawled
Out of the water
And started that Ferris wheel all up again.

Pt. 3- Big Bang Theory

It takes a little time
To realize
Exactly why this hurts,
But the truth is the ones
We agonize
Are only reflections of the earth.

And it hits us, the answer
The big-bang theory
Like a comet
Or penitence that's full of fury.
Your mother, she told you
Not to play with fire
But the bombs are exploding
And the world's created
A funeral pyre.

And then finally
We realize
Just what this all is worth
That we're firemen in
But phoenixes from birth.

A/N: When I wrote this I had a specific plot in mind(sci-fi because i'm a geek like that) and I was hoping it would be portrayed through my poetry so I would absolutely love you forever if you would review to tell me what you thought it was about or just to say whatever you think needs to be said. Ciao!