Kitchen Princess

Summary: Najika is an orphan and an amazing cook who lives at Lavendar House. She dreams of finding her flan prince, a boy who cheered her up many years ago as a child. Her only clue is the spoon he gave her. Now, Najika is off to study at Seika Academy, because she learned that's where the spoon came from. There she meets two new friends (Sora and Daichi) who instantly recognize that she has a sense of taste and soon they both like Najika. However, many of her classmates do not like her and make life hard for her because she always hang out with Sora and Daichi. But she is willing to toughen it out in order to find her prince. She also finds a new rival. Will he be her flan prince?

"Chapter One : Recipe 1-5"

"My prince left me a silver spoon and disappeared. I will find him and make him the most delicious dessert in the world, that is my dream."

Recipe 1 : Najika and Flan

"Slightly bitter caramel sauce. This is from Kishimototei. The cream gives this one a rich flavor. This is santonoure's. Oh… This is easy… HOMEMADE FLAN BY OUR Hagio-sensei!!!" said the brunette as she tasted the flan and exclaimed in happiness.

"Wow, Najika-onee-chan (Big sister)!! You got all ten right?!" The other little orphans exclaimed because they were shocked and saw the plates their Onee-chan had eaten in. ( N/A: If I said eaten in, I mean Sparkling and no stains left.)

"Well, she does have a stomach of a cow, I mean look at this plates it's all 18…" The young lass with shining raven hair said emotionlessly as usual.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!" said Najika as she pulled the beautiful and long hair of the poor girl, Shizuka.

"AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Put my hair down you are ruining my hairstyle... Hm!!"

"We are here at "LAVANDER HOUSE" in Hokkaido. Here, orphans who have no parents… live together like family. There are no fast food places or arcades. But there is a beautiful Lavender Blooming all around and I love it. But Today I'm saying good bye…"

"Good bye and Good luck Najika Kazami" A poster said on the large wall of the Lavander House

" I don't want you to go, Najika Onee-chan !! Why are you going to a school in Tokyo?! WAAHH!" cried Natsumi, A little girl.

"I don't want you to go either Onee-chan" said Natsuki the twin elder sister of Natsumi.

"Everyone…-" said Najika but cutted by her own sensei…

" My, my…"

"Najika is going to fulfill her dream!! We need to wish her luck!"

"Hagio-sensei ( Teacher: Sensei ) !!"

"You're going to be a pastry chef too like your parents, right? Huh... It seems like it was only yesterday when you came here. You never spoke and you never ate. I was so worried… Take this picture, too." The sensei said as she gave the picture of Najika's parent and a tear of joy fell that Najika never noticed from the eye of her sensei.


Najika's POV ( Point Of View ) :

"Yes.. my mom and dad died, leaving me alone... I cried all the time…Then…"


"Are you okay?" said a young lad with a blonde hair with a cute but worried face..

"(Wheeze) Huh? Why did you save me? I could have gone to Heaven where mommy and daddy are. "

"I was so sad and lonely because I was left here alone. And then… to make me stop crying… he gave me something.."


"It's delicious!!" said the petite Najika in happiness, Releasing her embellish looks and ,made the boy blush.

"When you eat something good, you smile. That's why your Mommy and Daddy didn't take you… Because they wanted you to keep smiling."

"The Boy… made a rainbow… in my dark life."

" I need to go now!"

"But isn't this your snack"

"Don't worry it's yours now" The blondie said running fast

"Then next time, I'll-" The lass was cutted by the bishie(N/A:Bishie are bishounens means Beautiful boy)


"Um.. MY NAME IS Najika… Najika KAZAMI AND YOURS?"

" MY NAME IS KITAZAWA-" the boy said as he was cutted off by her mother

"This is my promise To Make you the most delicious dessert in the whole world!!"


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