As Jesse walked down on the street, he thought of his girlfriend. He was about to see her again and he looked forward to it, as usual.
He knew her for one year and a half and they were together for over a year now. His love was still the same for her, he was quite fond of her. He thought of the way they came together…
Next week, they would be going on a holiday together and Jesse couldn't wait.

His parents were about to go somewhere else together, somewhere to a foreign country called Holland. But he wasn't interested, he was going to Spain with his girlfriend. Much more interesting.
His sister, Mandy, was going to Argentina with her boyfriend Pete, which meant their parents were going alone. They didn't mind though, fortunately.

He trained his Spanish, which he tried studying very hard and controlled it about as well as a sixteen-year-old American who wasn't bilingual and started to study Spanish at his fifteenth could do.

As he walked closer and closer to her house, he looked more forward to it and thought of her.
Her full name was Rachel Bandarnos and she was half Spanish. Her looks didn't conceal that very well, because she looked very Spanish, but she was perfectly bilingual.

Usually, when people saw her and wanted to say something to her, they either started talking very loudly in English or used gestures. But, she spoke both languages fluently and without any accent, so she usually surprised them by replying in fluent English, which confused the others.
Or, the others were Mexican, so they recognized Rachel as one of their own and started talking Mexican to her. She could quite manage herself, but the difference between Mexican Spanish and 'normal' Spanish is about the same as the difference between English in the USA and English in the UK. Usually, however, she managed to make that difference clear.

Finally, he arrived at the door of her house and rang the doorbell. It took some time, but Rachel opened it and greeted him with a warm smile.
She was quite small for her age and had hair that was very dark brown. She had brown eyes and a tanned skin.
Together, they went upstairs.
They talked for a while, but Jesse noticed something was wrong. It was nothing like Rachel to hesitate about something, but he knew her well enough to know she was.

Little things, like her chewing her lower lip or suddenly looking very distracted. Finally, Jesse decided he had enough and he wanted to find out what was wrong with her. He took a deep breath.
"Rachel, what is wrong?"
"What do you mean?" She said and she chewed her lower lip again, another indication she was hiding something from him.
"You're chewing your lower lip. That's something you only do when you're nervous. Why are you nervous?" He looked her in the eyes and held her hands, trying to help her.

"Tell me. I promise I won't get mad."
"You can't promise that, because you will. But I have to tell you anyway." As he looked at her, he knew he couldn't get mad at her. No one ever could. He loved her too much to be mad at her about anything.
"Fine, then I won't promise it. Just… tell me. What's bothering you is bothering me too." Rachel closed her eyes and showed clear signs of panicking. She took a deep breath.

"Our holiday together…"
"What about it?"
"…It's not going to happen." Rachel looked her in the eyes and he saw a tear welling up in a corner of one of her two beautiful brown eyes. He wiped it away with his hand and looked at her.

"Why should I get mad at that?" Rachel took a deep breath.
"Ask me why."
"Fine. Why is our holiday not going to happen?" Rachel now really looked like she was about to burst into tears. Rachel took one last deep breath, although it sounded a little shaky.

"Because I'm breaking up with you."

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