T h e S e m i n a r y G a n g IV

J o u r n e y' s E n d

Created and Written by

Jon Tree Top, McKenzi Olson, Jade Neeman, Kimberly Neyhart, and Richard Daw

We are the hurt

The cut

The triumphant

And the lost

This family

Unwillingly chosen

To carry the debt made by a few

We bled by the sword

We lived by the sword

And one died by her

Instruments of our destruction

We are the tools of our resurrection

Stuck stationary on the edge of a choice

Our disowned child

Our most beloved child

In the essence of our bond together

Is the most pivotal of questions

Do we save her?

We came as friends—family—at the closing of an epic. And now as we come to one journey's end, we prepare for a greater one still to come.

With our lives entwined and crossed, the ends and beginnings seem so close together. And the fright of uncertain futures as they draw nearer grips our hearts. But we know through the strength of will and bonds of friendship…

We will conquer all the worlds. We think we can.

Jon Tree Top, 2008