Once Upon A Time At Prom

The sun was setting over the heathland, causing the thin clouds across the horizon to turn glorious shades of pink and orange, casting a dream-like glow over the heather and gorse.

I trudged my way along the path, thinking about nothing in particular. Well, when I say 'nothing in particular', what I really mean is 'anything at all that had nothing to do with Will'. My ex. As of an hour and a half ago, when I saw him kissing Carly at the ice skating rink. We weren't that close in all honesty, but it still hurt that he'd chosen Carly over me – she was just another one of Dylan Stratford's leftovers.

I turned the corner into the farmer's field, which was randomly situated squarely in the middle of the heath, and occasionally home to the odd alpaca. Only occasionally though – you were more likely just to get a bunch of moody cows that really liked to poop.

I was basically just staring at my boots, but I glanced up on entry long enough to spot another person walking along in the opposite direction – towards me. I continued traipsing along, lifting my head up only when level with the other person – a guy, I noticed, roughly my age – to perform the customary head nod.

I noted his features – crooked, but nevertheless good looking, and his hair – short, cropped closely to his head. I felt a faint rush of recognition, but brushed it away almost immediately. I couldn't place the face, so there was no point introducing myself and just inviting embarrassment. He nodded back, and we continued walking away.

But then I stopped, realisation dawning. I turned around to look at him, and found that he had done exactly the same thing. We were only a few metres apart. His face looked confused, much as mine had, like he was trying to remember something he could only get short flashes of from his memory.

We both spoke as one.

"Are you the girl-"

"Guy that I-"

"Made out with-"

"Behind the gym-"

"At prom?" he finished.

"I guess I am," I said. "Um, wow. Talk about awkward."

He grinned, obviously not finding it so at all. "Did that boyfriend of yours ever find out?"

Oh yeah. That. So, technically, I had actually cheated on Will before he cheated on me. But it was a one night only type thing, and no one else knew about it. I hadn't been unfaithful in front of all my boyfriend's friends.

"No," I mumbled, somewhat chagrined. "But we broke up anyway."

"How come?"

"He cheated on me," I half moaned, half laughed. "Talk about ironic, eh?"

"I'm Aaron," he said, holding out his hand. "I don't think I ever got a chance to introduce myself before."

"Maddy," I returned. "What happened to you? Where did you go after you left?"

"College," he said. "I couldn't face another year in that godawful school."

"I know what you mean," I smiled. "One more year, and I'm free."


"Yeah. You?"

"Dunno. We'll see how it turns out."

We stood there, slightly awkwardly.

"Well, I guess I'll see you around, Aaron," I said slowly, starting to walk away.

"Yeah, see you around," he nodded, somewhat reluctantly.

I had turned around and was starting to walk away when I heard a yell from behind me.


I twisted round.


"Can I have your number?"

I grinned inwardly, maintaining my outward cool. Score one.

Another random oneshot. Hope you like - to make up for being absolutely crap in regards to the next chapter of Without Trying.

Also, yay February!