Your smiles always look so tense

Dare you trust your wining heart?

Your walls built high

Broken glass and barb wire run the top

Steal and concrete run miles deep

Nothing can pass

Not a wind

Not a word

Not a kiss

Nor a hug

Your eyes are always warier

Your mind chews for far too long

As you brood...yes brood

Thoughts come and go

Many stay to torture you

Like a cow you worry your teeth over thin simple things

Your heart bruised and battered

Standing emotions bubble and burn

You'd never let it seep out

Never let another ear hear your hearts painful cries

You hold it all in

Like I'm not here to listen

It hurts me

Its hurts you more

I'm nothing more than a pawn to play in you latest game

I know, no strings attached

But I want to help

I can hear your sobs through your thick walls

My head bowed in shame I'll walk away

May I never hear such a personal thing ever again