Love is running off your cheek

Chasing off the dreams of me

I missed you when I left for the east

All alone you wish you'd never shoutedleave

Your slipper fell and broke

Now I can never fit it on your foot

And proof you'll never have

For the forest stole its friend

An apple you stole from my hand

Your own "secret" suicide

As we all watch you faint away

You kiss the air and blow it to me

I catch the laughing matter as 'the prince's Sun' carts you off

To a land of his own...more than I could give

Tears stream down oh so cliché in the rain

I can't even fake a pose for the paparazzi

In the rain love we'll meet again

In the rain love it'll never be the same

But in the rain I can hide my weakness

In the rain the sun can't see us