The New Kid

My hands were shaking as I walked across the parking lot, the snow falling on my face. They were not trembling out of anger or Parkinson's disease. No, they were shaking out of teror. It didn't make any sense, seeing as how I was not really in any danger. I mean, how mean can kids in high school be? You wouldn't think they could be all that mean, but according to Pala, the kids at this school were not all nice.

The reason I had to accept a secondhand account of the kids at my school was that I had just moved here the weekend before. I hadn't had a choice about moving. The deal had been that if I wasn't allowed at my old school, I had to move in with my mom.

I hadn't been kicked out for any of the reasons you most likely would think of. Instead, I had been kicked out because someone had made me mad, and then they mysteriously gotten hurt with no one to blame. I had a record at that school for similar instances, so the easiest thing for them to do was to expel me.

My powers had first shown up when I was three. My mom had taken me to a carnival. There were big cotton candy stands, and I wanted some cotton candy. My mom refused, and right when I was about to cry, cotton candy appeared in front of me. My mom had been shocked, so she took me to the doctor. The doctor had two reactions. First, he examined me and found nothing different about me. Second, he didn't believe what my mom told him.

"A normal child can't will things to appear before them. It's impossible." He had dismissed the concept with a wave of his hand.

It had only become more powerful and more unbelievable from there. Each year I gained a new ability, and improved the old ones. My personal favorite ability that I had was invisibility. It came in handy whenever I wanted to know something that no one would tell me. I had many more abilities, including strength, speed, and mind reading. I had many others, but they were less useful.

For example, I could have a feeling about what to say when I was in a situation that I didn't like. It always worked, which was the reason I hadn't been expelled from my school sooner. The last time, I had simply been tired of this, and I didn't really care about being punished.

Of course, it didn't help me that, on top of my powers, I was a very protective person of myself and my friends. I didn't have many friends though, because my powers caused me to be more careful in friendships. I never knew if someone wanted to be friends with me for me, or for the benefits that result from hanging out with someone that has special abilities.

One time, long ago, I had been friends with a girl named Sally. She found out my secret one day when, after asking my mom if I could have a cookie and my mom saying no, a cookie appeared right in front of me even though I was a floor above the cookie jar. She tried to get me to use my powers on the teachers so we could always have recess, but I said no. She got mad, and started to insult me, calling me a freak and telling me she was glad we were no longer friends. When I ran home crying, my mom told me to be more careful about the friends I chose. I have been ever since.

Because I had very few friends, the majority of the people at my old school had thought I was a freak. The reason I was worried as I walked across the parking lot, was that the people in my old school mostly left me alone and it didn't seem like the people at this school would do the same.

I walked over to the school building and opened the door. As I walked in, I opened the map of the school that my mom had gotten me ahead of time, out of sheer joy that I was moving back with her. I looked for the attendance office, and saw that it was the first door on the right. As I walked there, I saw a couple of people whisper behind their hands to the people next to them. This made me self conscious, seeing as how I was used to feeling invisible around most of the people at my old school. I hadn't really been invisible at my old school, of course, but most people had simply pretended I wasn't there.

I entered the attendance office, and told the lady there who I was. "Oh, you're the new kid. I remember they said you were starting school here." She handed me a piece of paper. "This is your schedule. Your locker number and combination are at the top. Your teachers should realize you are new and give you your textbooks. You can leave your textbooks at home until the end of the year, because all the teachers have enough for a classroom set on top of ones for the students. Someone in your homeroom has been assigned to show you around the school and answer your questions. Anything else you want to know?" I was surprised about how friendly she was. Maybe living here would not be as bad as I thought.

"No, thank you." I smiled politely.

"If you have any questions, feel free to ask." I left the room and looked at my schedule. It said:

Homeroom: Room 1

1st Period: AP Physics, Room 193

2nd Period: AP Composition, Room 186

3rd Period: Health, Room 372


4th Period: Trigonometry, Room 271

5th Period: United States History, Room 275

6th Period: French 2, Room 364

Busy, isn't it? As I walked down the hall way, I pulled out my map to see where my homeroom was. It was at the other end of the first floor. I looked at the clock. I only had three minutes until class started. I started running to my class. I got there just as the bell that signaled the start of class went off. I closed the door behind me, and turned around to look at the classroom. My eyebrows furrowed out of confusion.

The room was practically empty. There were only about five students in there other than me, and no teacher in sight. I thought that was very strange. Why would they assign six students to a classroom and not have a teacher with them? I decided to ask one of the other students.

I looked around the room at the other kids. Two of them were boys, and the other three were girls. One of the boys was really tall, had the skinny kind of muscles, had light brown hair, and eyes the color of the ice at an ice skating rink. He was smiling and talking to the other boy. The second boy was short, with black hair and dark blue eyes, and was laughing at what the tall boy said.

One of the girls was short and skinny, with curly reddish brown hair that went past her shoulders, and brown eyes. She was standing about ten feet away from the boys, talking to the two other girls. The second girl was tall, with straight shoulder length blond hair, and turquoise eyes. The third girl in their group was the tallest. She had short black hair and bright green eyes. After I looked at all of them, I decided to ask the shortest girl. I tucked my long honey colored hair behind my ear as I walked towards her.

"Hello." I spoke softly, thinking that the other people in the room hadn't noticed me yet.

She turned around and smiled at me. "Hello. My name is Christy. You must be the new girl. What is your name?"

Her smile was contagious. "My name is Irene. I am the new girl. I was wondering why there isn't a teacher in this classroom." The longer I was in there, the stranger this fact became to me.

"Anybody that has been assigned to this homeroom is supposed to be very different from the rest of the school. They got tired of trying to figure out why the teachers assigned to this room always quit, so they stopped assigning teachers here. Instead, they have us take attendance ourselves and leave it outside the room. I'm guessing that you are special like us, seeing as how that makes the most sense. If you weren't, you wouldn't be here. Am I right?" She was still smiling, and she raised her eyebrows as she asked me.

"Yes. What abilities do you all have?" I didn't want to tell them my secret, but if they were the same as me, why shouldn't I?

"I am telekinetic, superfast, and I can erase memories." She still hadn't stopped smiling. She must be a very happy person.

The blond spoke next. "Hey. My name is Jessica. I can see through walls and control the weather."

The tallest girl spoke last. "Hello. My name is Sasha. I can write things by simply thinking them and wanting to write them, and when I get mad -which is rare- I can burn things."

I told them my abilities. "I have super strength, super speed, and can read minds. What can the boys over there do?" My gaze moved towards the two boys, and the girls saw who I meant.

"The taller one can read minds, is telekinetic, and can see through walls. The shorter one can run really fast, is super strong, and he can break into the nearest computer with his mind." By the tone of her voice as she spoke about the shorter one, I guessed that she had previously had a crush on him but it had not been mutual. I felt a speck of pity for her.

The bell rang only seconds after she finished speaking. I walked into the hallway, and immediately noticed the change of reactions towards seeing me. The girls in homeroom acted very nice, but the kids in the hallway looked at me like I was crazy. I asked Christy why that was.

"Oh. That's just because those of us 'special' people are not socially accepted here. In a nutshell, they think we are insane freaks, and they don't want us here. It's been that way so long that we don't even notice it anymore. I'm supposed to show you to your next class. Where is it?"

"Um, AP Physics, room 193." I tried to sound like I didn't care about the other people nearby that were staring at us. However, as I spoke, I silently resolved to change this stereotype that the school had. I knew that it would take a lot of effort, but I was willing to make it work. The students of Fractious High School were about to witness a social revolution, and they couldn't see it coming.

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