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The weekend was uneventful in my terms. Nothing big happened, but that was fine with me because I needed a break after the week I'd had. I rested and relaxed and emailed my friends. Life was good, but I was anxious about what school would be like on Monday.

When Monday rolled around, I got ready for school and got on the bus and to the school like normal. I didn't notice anything different than Friday until lunch. When I was walking to my lunch table with my tray, I accidentally bumped into a guy. I apologized and thought that was all until he shouted "Watch where you're going, you freak!"

I was not happy. "Don't call me a freak!"

"I'll call you a freak if you are a freak. Why else can you do that weird stuff?"

People were starting to crowd around us. I rolled my eyes until I saw the guy from the meeting, and another kid that went to it, and another. Each of them walked up to the angry guy and spoke.

"That's not nice."

"How would you like it if someone treated you like that?"

"Just because someone's different is no ground for picking on them."

One by one, they all spoke, and then some of the other kids in the cafeteria did the same. Eventually even the angry guy's girlfriend had turned against him. He gave up and left the cafeteria.

The sound that followed was deafening. Nearly everybody in the cafeteria screamed. Once it started dying down, I screamed, "Why is everybody screaming?"

Paul answered, "He's the meanest guy in school. Over the years he's said something mean about everybody, but nobody would stand up to him cause he's also the strongest guy in school."

At that moment, someone picked me up and walked around with me on their shoulders. Normally I would care who, but I shared the super cheery mood with everybody else, so I didn't care. The revolution had taken place, not only that but I had a stepdad who wasn't a jerk. Life was good.

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