My Story

A morbid plan, concocted in her sick brain, began to fall into place. She stared into the bathroom mirror as the porcelain tub behind her filled with water. Her reflection smiled, a challenge shined bright in those eyes. Pale flesh, naked, except for a sharpened razorblade dangling from a steel chain.

Jade slipped into the tub. The water swallowed her and pitch black hair danced around her face. Jade gulped down a single breath of air before submerging herself underwater. The razorblade lay flat against her neck, begging to sink further down. She tore it away and resurfaced.

Silver sparkled in the pale fluorescent light and the razorblade smiled a familiar temptuous grin. She closed her eyes, recalling one night that forever sealed her fate. The night that left her forever broken. Her eyes flashed open.

With precise speed the razorblade skated down her wrist. Rivers of ruby red flowed down staining the water, orange. The blade, then, tore down Jade's other wrist. The blood sparkled in the fluorescent glow. A thousand thoughts spiraled into one hurricane of consciousness, crashing down upon her. Then came the escape, all emotion faded, all feeling evaded, leaving behind nothing but darkness.