Walking down a dark, damp ally, I knew I wasn't alone. A group of men followed me as I tried to make my way to the safety of my apartment. Knowing the possibility that I might not make it there, I started to quicken my pace. So did them. My heart raced and my blood ran colder than the chilled wind that blew in my face. I turned down the next ally and found myself in a dead-end. Then I knew I was done for.

The one man chuckled and the others grinned at their success in trapping me in a corner like a mouse being hunted down by an ally cat. A man of a muscular stature grabbed me by the arm and smirked. Pulling me close to him, he put his hand up my shirt. I start to scream for my life. One of the other men put their hand over my mouth to silence me. Starting to kick myself away from the sex craved men, I try to escape.

Knowing that this might be my last night of my life, I started seeing myself lying in the ally, raped and left for dead in my mind. My life flashed before my eyes. Then a scream from one of the men broke me out of my trance. Another yelled in pain. The one holding me tight against his chest pointed a gun out at the darkness of the ally. Trying to aim for his target he yelled in anger.

A dark figure flew out of no where and broke the man's neck. I fell to the ground and looked for the unknown force. A figure in a black trench coat, dark hat, and long hair turned down the ally and ran out of sight. As I sat there wondering who my savior was, I wanted to find them and thank them for saving my life. Since that night my life has never been the same.