Chapter 8

Jalen finally got some time to her self as the weekend came to a start as the school bell rang. A whole week vacation awaited her. She had no assignments to be done which made it all the better to have more time with her friends.

The weather was growing colder as summer came close to the end. Leaves starting to change color and winds getting nippy. As time went on, she learned more about Luke and Salina, but not enough about this strange girl named Jalen that Salina knew in the past. Jalen knew she had to know more of her and was determined to find out.

Jalen walked up to Salina's apartment and was about to knock on the door when she heard a familiar tune playing on the other side of the door. It was the song she played back in school during the music play. It sounded sad and lonely. Jalen knew it was the right time to cheer up Salina. Jalen made her way back down stairs and out the door. She went around the building and looked for the window to the living room.

As the sun went down past the horizon, Jalen pulled her flute out of her bag. She started to play the same song but in a welcoming tune. She looked to see if anyone came to the window. There stood a figure watching and listening to the softly played tune. Then as Jalen played the tune in a happier tone, the figure left.

Jalen stopped playing her flute and waited. The same figure came back on top of the building and was holding the violin. Salina played the tune back to Jalen in the same sad tone as before. Jalen played n return, but in a soft, happy tune. Both played and they got lost in the melody coming from their instruments. It seemed to fall into a Romeo and Juliet theme, but them singing with music instead.

As they played on, the song got faster and more intense. Soon they were in full tune with their music. Memories started to flow through Jalen's mind. She opened her eyes to find herself in another place back in time. She looked up to find Salina on a castle balcony playing a violin type instrument and both playing together softly. To Jalen's surprise, she noticed that she was a vampire and had this feeling of love toward Salina that was so deep, it was heartrending.

The song came to a slow ending and reality came back and Jalen was her old self and Salina back on the roof. Jalen felt the love that she felt in the vision. It felt as if she was falling in love with Salina.

Salina made her way down to Jalen. She carried something small with her. It was a small trinket box with the name Jalen written on it. It looked to have age to it.

"What is in the box?" Jalen asked.

"Something that is very precious to me and I would be lost without it. Jalen's soul is within this box and only Luke, you, and I know about it. I took it before the other vampires could. If they were to ever find out that I have this, it would be my death." Salina explained.

"Don't you worry; I will keep this a secret like no other." Jalen said with a smile.

"Thank you, and now its time for you to get some rest. You will have a busy week ahead of you." Salina said as she walked with Jalen up to her apartment.