Your Unexpected Departure

I'm sorry I took you for granted.

Words are stuck inside my heart,

struggling against the cold reality of it all.

It seems like just yesterday

when you had your whole life ahead of you.

I used to sit and wonder,

what life would be like

if someone was taken away.

Well now that you're gone,

all I can think of is missed opportunities.

You were such a beautiful boy,

and we all had high hopes for you.

It wasn't fair, how you were taken away,

even if those words are overused.

Only the good die young, and isn't it true.

Not a day goes by without someone remembering,

and how you could have been off at school now, starting a new life.

You didn't deserve to die, but it's too late to take back what already happened.

The truth is that I feel sick

every time I have to go by where it all happened.

I wish you were still here, because then everything would be okay.

I'm sorry you had to reach the stars from heaven, and not from earth.


Rest in Peace.