Lucifer's Inhibitions (Part 1)

Author: ToInsanitysEnd (Aka LuciferxDamien)

Rating: 18+

Pairing: LuciferxDamien

Genre: Romance

Summary: Lucifer has been making Damien wear a blindfold during sex for quite some time now, and he refuses tell Damien why he insists on it, but Damien is determined to find out why...

Disclaimer: All the characters do not belong to be me unless specified. I make no profit from characters that are not mine. Original characters are mine and may NOT be used, at all. This is my own work, and anyone that steals it will face my horrible terrible wrath of doom. I have minions, and they like to hurt people, with whips and other fun things. If I find that anyone has taken my ideas, you will not like the consequences.

Author's Note: Lucifer is obviously Lucifer, and Damien is God, that's right God. Those of you that have a problem with Lucifer fucking god may want to leave now, you have been warned, don't flame. This is the first fiction I have posted, so be kind. I wrote this piece for ayami's 'Blind Fold Me' Contest. I didn't have enough time to finish it, so decided to break it into three parts, this is part one. Those that dare to read beyond this, please leave a review.

Fandom: Original


Lucifer pulled away from Damien's neck and looked up at his life-long lover. Damien knew before he even opened his mouth that Lucifer would be annoyed at his request; Lucifer never did have any patience. Even so, Damien still found the annoyed look and throbbing vein on his love's right temple adorable.

Lucifer had pinned Damien in a random hallway, against a small table, hands planted firmly on the table and on either side of Damien's hips. He was getting even more agitated by Damien's silence. If Damien didn't start talking, NOW, he was going to bite him.

Unfortunately, for Lucifer, Damien started talking. "Don't you look at me with those hungry eyes! Can't you at least wait until we're out of the hallway?"

Lucifer's eye twitched. "Wait? I waited four-thousand years! So no, I can't wait. And why are you so worried about someone catching us together? It's not like it'd be the first time."

Damien smiled and caressed Lucifer's cheek. "You haven't changed a bit."

"Sure I have. I now reign in Hell rather than serving in Heaven."

Damien laughed, but Lucifer captured his golden love's lips in a passionate kiss. "Mmm…" he moaned and gripped Lucifer's chest, Damien let him dominate the kiss for a few minutes before he pulled away. The golden figure placed one of his fair hands on Lucifer's left cheek and gave him a peck on the cheek before pushing his devil to the side so he could walk away.

Lucifer was slightly dumbfounded when he heard the familiar angelic voice call back to him. "Well, aren't you coming, Luci?"

Lucifer regained his senses and stomped off after Damien, answering his tease of a lover in none too a polite tone, "Don't call me that!"

Damien giggled as he turned to see Lucifer following him quickly, too quickly! The high angel began to run, Lucifer on his heels, but he wasn't fast enough and was easily caught.

Lucifer wrapped his arms around the thin waist and nuzzled long, golden hair out of the way so he could kiss the pale neck. Damien moaned and leaned into Lucifer until he yelped and tried to pull away, but was held fast.

"Hey! What was that for, you vampire…"

Lucifer sucked up the small amount of blood, and withdrew his fangs. "That was for calling me Luci, and making me wait."

Damien pouted, "You're the one that won't get out of the hall!"

"Fine, fine," Lucifer sighed, "We'll have sex in the hallways some other time…" He teleported them to Damien's lavish room, only vaguely remembering where it was, because he had only recently been allotted back into Heaven, and Damien's heart…

Damien giggled again, remembering the last time the devil had tried to teleport them. "You remembered where it was this time."

Lucifer chose to ignore the teasing and instead started disrobing the angelic body before him. Once naked, Lucifer carried Damien to the large bed, careful not to tread on the golden, silky strands that trailed on the floor, knowing that if he did step on them, he'd never hear the end of it. After gently laying his love on the silken sheets, he began to undress himself slowly, giving Damien a show.

Lucifer had choppy hair, for the day at least, and wore a tight, black shirt that had been hacked up, and was only held together with purposely bad stitching and an obscene amount of safety pins. For pants, he had on black leather, studded, but not torn like the shirt. He also wore 3 more studded and spiked belts than he needed, totaling four. Blood-red lace up boots completed the ensemble along with the long, black jacket he wore with a feather collar.

Damien never understood why Lucifer had to wear such odd things. Even before, when he was an angel, he'd change his look constantly. Now though, he'd cut his hair and change the color of his nails and the marking on the left side of his face randomly.

Even so, Damien loved Lucifer. He had always been so different from the other angels.

Damien laid against a mountain of pillows on his massive bad that was wider than it was long. His legs were parted slightly, showing Lucifer his rock-hard, leaking member, and below it, his tight puckered entrance. Being the impatient one for once, Damien whimpered softly, wanting to feel Lucifer on him, and in him.

Lucifer obeyed the wordless command, moving to the bed, their clothes left scattered on the floor.

Damien was getting anxious and excited as his lover kneeled on the bed. Then the devil was hovering above him, oh so close, but not touching.

Without touching Damien anywhere else, Lucifer leaned down and kissed his golden beauty sweetly on the lips. He deepened the kiss to distract the god as he held out his right hand that became engulfed in black flames. A black silk tie remained after the flames disappeared.

Lucifer broke the kiss, so they could breathe, and held the piece of silk, which had a symbol that was similar to the marking on his face, in front of Damien so he could see what he had conjured.

A frown tugged at Damien's kiss-swollen lips when he saw what it was. "Do we really have to use a blindfold?"

"Yes." Lucifer replied shortly as he moved to straddle the lithe body underneath him, erections bumping slightly. A pale hand stopped Lucifer's nearly as white hands from fastening the blindfold over Damien's stunning green eyes that he adored.

"Please, Luci…" 'Luci' was fine when they were alone, but it irked Lucifer to no end when he was called that in public.

Damien was becoming more and more hesitant to use the blindfold lately. That's why the one Lucifer conjured was special; it could only be removed by a creature of Hell, and was impossible to see through.

"Don't you find it more sensual with the blindfold on?" Lucifer asked, trying not to sound desperate.

Damien pouted, but Lucifer wouldn't reconsider. "A-alright, we can use the blindfold…"

'But I am going to find out why you're so insistent on using it…' Damien thought as he let Lucifer tie the blindfold over his eyes.

Using his powers, Damien tried to look through the silk, but found that he couldn't like he usually could. He figured that a spell had been put on it. Damien liked being able to see his lover, even if he could only make out where he was.

As soon as the blindfold was fastened, Lucifer moved away from the bed. The sudden loss of his lover's warmth worried the sightless god. "Lu-Lucifer…" Damien called out, afraid Lucifer had left.

Rustling drew Damien's attention to his right, and almost as soon as he'd left, Lucifer was back on top of Damien, chuckling softly. "Do you really think I'd leave you?"

Damien blushed. It was scary how Lucifer always seemed to know what he was thinking. "No…But why did you get up?"

Gentle kisses were placed along the angel's delicate jaw line as the devil moved between long legs. "Well, we certainly couldn't start without this."

Damien felt something cold prodding at his entrance. "C-cold!" He gasped as a slick finger pushed inside of him.

Lucifer chuckled again. "You never did like my cold hands. Don't worry, love, they won't be cold for long." Lucifer said, his tone thick with lust as he moved his finger slowly, waiting until his hand warmed before inserting a second.

The second finger surprised and hurt Damien more than it should have, but without his sight, he was too disoriented to know when to expect things. When the burning sensation became too much, he let out a small cry of pain.

"Still not used to it?" Lucifer frowned, stilling his fingers. The frown turned into a smirk as he placed kisses on Damien's collar bone to distract him from the burning pain. After a few minutes, he felt the muscles around his fingers relax. Slowly, he started moving again, scissoring his fingers to stretch his tight lover.

Damien stopped trying to anticipate what was going to happen next and closed his eyes, just feeling what Lucifer was doing to him. The pain turned to pleasure, and Damien's squirming and sight panting told Lucifer to add a third digit.

Moving his fingers faster, Lucifer hit the high angel's sweet spot, making him buck and arch into the touch, dick leaking more pre-cum.

"Now, now. We haven't even started yet." Lucifer said, feeling his own cock ache to take the place of his fingers. A wicked grin appeared on his face, pleased that the angel couldn't see it, as he grabbed Damien's leaking member with his free hand.

"Please…Hurry, Luci…" Damien begged.

Never one to resist Damien begging, Lucifer pulled his fingers out and lubed his long organ. Lining himself up to Damien's tight heat, he laced his fingers with his angel's right hand.

"Hurray up and put it in!" Damien commanded, voice strangled.

"As you wish, your highness." Lucifer answered with a smirk, pushing half his length into Damien.

"AHH…Lucifer!" The high angel cried out in surprise and pain, tears welling in his covered eyes. "N-not so fast…"

Damien blindly reached out with his free hand, searching for Lucifer. He felt Lucifer take his hand and place it on the devil's shoulder, giving it a kiss before letting go.

Lucifer captured his love's parted lips in a deep kiss. They each fought to dominate the kiss. Damien gave in when he felt Lucifer begin to inch his member in until he was balls deep. The kiss broke when devil and angel moaned in unison once Lucifer was fully buried in Damien's tight heat. Lucifer remained still, waiting for his love to adjust, and trying to stay in control of the powerful urge to pummel Damien.

Slender legs wrapped themselves around broad hips, and long fingers moved to fist raven locks. The pale fingers forced the raven-haired one down, to lock lips again.

While still kissing, Lucifer pulled out half-way, thrusting back in a moment later, making Damien break the kiss to gasp. Pulling out nearly to the tip this time, Lucifer thrust back in, harder and faster, hitting Damien's prostate.

Damien clutched at Lucifer's hand and hair as he felt Lucifer's thick dick slide in and out of his ass faster, hitting his sweet spot dead on.

"More…more…" Was all Damien could gasp out, as his raven-haired lover gave him exactly what he wanted. He tossed his head back and forth, golden silk swaying, the pleasure making him dizzy.

Moving faster, Lucifer reveled in the sweet moans and mewling, that sounded slightly held back to his trained ear. He leaned down and whispered into Damien's ear, "Don't hold back on me now, let the entire heavenly realm hear our passion."

Without his sight, Damien's hearing increased, and Lucifer's voice was too sexy to deny. He let himself moan as loud as his voice would allow, to please his lover.

A smirk crept across Lucifer's features at how pliant his angel was being, for once.

Sweat dripped off of Lucifer's face as the two gods neared their climax. "Tou-touch me!" The holy god commanded so close to release, but couldn't get it to break.

Lucifer happily obeyed, wrapping his free hand around Damien's throbbing shaft, a little too tightly. "Not quite yet, love. You come when I do…" He told his blonde in a husky voice.

Damien groaned in protest, but arched his back anyway. He bucked up into Lucifer's hand, trying to get him to pleasure his aching member, desperate for release.

Slamming as hard as he could into Damien, Lucifer thoroughly ravaged the angel, his hand moving in time to his thrusts. Lucifer was determined to make them come together.

Damien moved his hand from Lucifer's hair back to his shoulder, the sweat on both of them making his hand slide down to the devil's back as they both panted heavily, their pleasure nearly complete.

Damien's orgasm broke first and he cried out his release and clawed at Lucifer's back. His tight ass becoming tighter as his orgasm surged through his body. Copious amounts of white fluid splashed over his belly as well as Lucifer's hand and chest.

Damien's sweet cry of release was all it took to push Lucifer over the edge, and the tight muscles that clamped around his cock made the orgasm that wracked through his body all the more pleasurable. He buried himself within the liquid heat, shooting his seed deep inside Damien.

Damien gave a soft moaned when he felt something warm in his belly, something that could only be his lover's come.

Lucifer collapsed on Damien, both of them panting, waiting to regain the ability to move and breathe normally. Finally able to move, Lucifer pulled out of his lover and rolled on his side, breathing still not back to normal. He licked the come off his hand, savoring its sweet taste.

Damien turned in the direction he thought Lucifer had rolled and tried to pull the blindfold off, wanting to look at his beloved devil. But, it wouldn't come off. "Lu…Luci," Damien panted, "why won't this…thing come…off?"

Lucifer looked over, pleased that the blind fold had stayed on, like it was supposed to.

Damien felt strong hands pulling him, in the opposite direction he was facing, on top of a familiar body.

"It won't come off… 'cause you're a…holy being." Lucifer answered nearly as breathless as his golden-haired beauty.

The happiness Damien felt from their love-making evaporated as he sat up on Lucifer. "What do you mean because I'm a holy being?! Get this thing off of me, RIGHT NOW!"

Lucifer could feel the anger radiating off of the livid high angel. He carefully pulled the silk blindfold that covered Damien's eyes off, quickly stashing it away in Hell, before it could be torched, shredded, destroyed…Oh did Damien ever look pissed…

"Don't look at me like that… I just wanted to see if it really worked." Lucifer said in a soft voice as he caressed Damien's cheek, giving him a gentle kiss on the lips, to soothe his angry lover.

Damien kissed back reluctantly, still mad. "Fine…Just tell me next time?"

Lucifer chuckled; he still had his ways of calming his easily angered angel. "Of course, now sleep. I'll be here when you wake up." He gave Damien another kiss, this one deeper with tongue, before the high angel settled down and snuggled in closer to him, listening to the sound of Lucifer's heart beat as he drifted asleep.