Comfort Food

Setting: A kitchen. The oven and refrigerator are next to each other towards the back of the room. The sink and counter are to the left. In the middle of the room is a table with a couple chairs near it. There's a pile of baking supplies by the sink, a cookbook out on the table, and in the middle of the table is a plate of chocolate chip muffins.

(MARIE walks in with oven mitts on. She's around fifteen or so and looks upset. She sits down at the table, takes off the oven-mitts, grabs a muffin, looks at it, but puts it back, then buries her face in her hands. ANDREW walks in silently, sees MARIE, and sits down next to her. He has a sideways baseball hat. He is around MARIE's age and looks really concerned)


I heard about… well… you know.

(He fidgets uncomfortably)

You okay, Marie?

(MARIE doesn't respond; she just starts crying more audibly, and puts her head on the table. ANDREW puts his hand on MARIE's shoulder comfortingly)

It- it'll be okay, Marie. Yeah, the guy you like… well, liked… found someone else. But that doesn't mean it's the end of the world. I, I know… I've been in your position before.

(Adds following quietly)

Still am.

(He hesitates)

There's this… this girl… a-and she's everything I've ever looked for, ever waited for, but… she likes this other guy. Doesn't stop me from… well, you know.

(There's a long pause. He then grabs a muffin and takes a bite out of it)

This is a good muffin. You had one yet?

(MARIE gives ANDREW a strange look. ANDREW smiles apologetically)

Sorry. Just trying to lighten the mood.

(He pauses)

Cuz you're not exactly being Little Miss Sunshine here.

(MARIE stares at him blankly)

Sorry. Sorry. Can't even take a little joke. Geez. It's like stand-up in a graveyard…

(MARIE just keeps staring at him)

Keep with the pep talk?

(She nods slowly)

OK… There's bound to be someone out there who genuinely cares about ya, more than… than a friend…. And who knows? Maybe he'll change. Or maybe… maybe you'll find someone else.

(He looks at her hopefully)

But for now, just eat a muffin. It'll make you feel better.

(He pushes the plate towards her. MARIE looks from ANDREW to the plate of muffins, then takes one, and takes a small bite)

You feel better, don't ya?

(MARIE smiles and shakes her head slowly)

Told ya you would.


Wow, this is a really old piece. I think 2005, yeah 2005. I still like it. ^-^ I DO know that it was a homework assignment for drama and screenwriting. We had to write a monologue.

Guess what the snack of the day is. :P