The Buttress of Windsor

It twas a long and stormy night. The castle was full of the usual sort; Laundry, clothes, deerskins, alligator hats, owl turbans, squirrel boomerangs, a couple of real moose couples, and then some desert a la' momba. It was a classic era.

There was a brave sir knight in that very castle we are actually talking about. His name was William Slajadovakyertonockenpojner Bull the XXIV. But who really cares about him anyway? He just died.

It was apparent that the castle called out for a search. Though what they searched for wasn't a killer, but merely his car key's to see who could win them in Bingo. So it appears to be, that Bingo, wasn't his, "name-o".

Sadness moved in and throughout the castle. But the guards thought he was a peasant, and took him away and threw him into a mud pit as he screamed, "Don't do this to me, I'll fall into Depression!" But little did he know, Depression was all ready taking cover for his impact in the mud down below..

And then on a even sadder, more depressed note, The Knight who boldly exclaimed, "Yond gentlemen and ladies, You are all.."



WAIT, wait, wait…

What the heck is going on? This [ain't] a freakin' novel? This is a just a speech impediment crazed lunatic dictating a never-ending story of stupidness!

'Oh, yeah…'