Curled up in a tiny ball, young Yuki stared at the flashing lights on the television. Yet another horror film conveying an evil bloodlust was on. It was boring and dull and to say the least disturbing. She turned off the television then lay on the couch. At that moment it began to rain softly; sounds of the pelting echoed through the home. Without even thinking the girl walked over to the backdoor and opened it. Tonight it was pitch black except for the few cars that sped down the road. Limply she lifted her arm up to catch some of the precipitation. This was the first time it had ever rained since her father passed. Words couldn't describe how bare the rain felt now. Despite it being autumn the icy water colliding against her skin had no effect on her. It was a time, when Yuki would spin around in the cool rain and be swept up by her father. A tear fell down the girls face as she stepped barefooted into yard. Mud wrapped around her feet and splashed on her pajama pants. Ache filled her heart and she covered her mouth to mute the sorrowful screams. A month had passed, but she could never forget losing the man that meant everything to her. Coughing she went to brace her trembling wet body against an old oak tree.

"Papa, why did you go away?" Yuki whispered between her cries.

Tiredly the girl closed her sore eyes and embraced the tree. As her cheek moved up it met a slimy substance. Stunned by the foul scented goop, she backed away and tripped over a branch. Murky water drenched her long ebony hair along with her clothes. From the naked limbs of the tree peered red glowing eyes. The creature started to make its way down the trunk. There was a soft growl humming from its lips. Instinctively Yuki dashed back into the house, locked the door, and then barricaded it with the sofa and kitchen table. Panting from the run, the girl went to the bath room to check her face.

"Blood…the tree was covered in blood!"

Behind her, her shadow began to warp and form an outline of a man. It was about six feet tall, and held the same red eyes. She could feel the presence lurking behind her. But the mirror was clear of all others. Now her heart drummed through her chest, and she slowly turned around. Again there was nothing, her silhouette in its normal place. Relieved she exhaled; her shoulders dropping from the release of tension.

"I thought for a second it had got in—"

"Got in? Of course I would get in." A voice spoke into her ear. Loudly Yuki shrieked and pushed the being away. "And it is all thanks to those idiot neighbors of yours, confusing me with your father. They made such a delicious snack."

Leaning against the door, was a blonde haired monster. His face and neck were drenched with human blood. Tilted to the side of his head was a witch's hat with a shifting eyeball at its center. Drawn on his chest was an ancient seal tattooed on with blood red ink. Elegantly he bowed to the young woman then said, "I am the vampire, Revilo. Where is Hyde, I have business with him?"

"What do you want with my father?"

The creature pointed to the circle on his chest. "Your father promised me my freedom if I gave him information. That I did. Now I need him to remove this damned thing from me."

"He died, a month ago—"

"Impossible, he can't be dead!" The beast growled, choking Yuki against the wall.

"He—he is! I saw his dead body with my own eyes!"

Revilo released the girl then pulled at his hair in distress. This was the worst possible thing that could happen. He thought long and hard, while the human girl watched in horror. In his gut he could sense she was uncomfortable and scared. After ten minutes had passed the vampire spoke up.

"I am sorry for intruding, Lady Hyde. I will be taking my leave." At that all the darkness and filthy particles in the room swirled around him, and he disappeared from her sight. Yuki immediately began to search the house to make sure he was no longer there. When the thorough search was complete, she placed the furniture back in its place.

"Vampire…he couldn't be a vampire they only exist in movies. Don't they?" She thought, biting her bottom lip. "How was it that he knew my father's British name?"

Chills crept up her bent over spine and tingled all over her limbs. Near weeping the girl touched the place on her neck, were the creature held her. What now? Her aunt and uncle would be appearing home soon, to find a bloody tree and perhaps corpses left in the branches. Dirt stains from her feet soaked deep within the carpet. That dreadful uncle would do anything to get rid of her. He would blame everything on her. Hurriedly Yuki rushed into her room and grabbed a pair of shoes. She stepped into them then snatched a bag filled with dried food from the kitchen.

"Mikiko-sama will be able to help! I just have to find her. She'll understand the situation. She is always rambling on about ghost and dead stuff!"

In the darkness of a study, the vampire reformed his body and sat tiredly in his arm chair. Adjacent to him was an exquisite picture of woman holding flowers. Lovingly his fingers trailed down the icy glass. From the corner of the room a white fox tipped toed up to his master's lap. A warm smile brightened Revilo's tired face as he stroked the warm fur of the animal. Scarlet eyes glowed from the mantle of the fireplace, and twinkled intensely. The tiny creature grinned showing its yellow tinted fangs. It snapped its fingers and a fire ignited in the fireplace.

"I, your humble imp Leonard, welcomes you home sir. Would you care for a spot of tea?"

"No thank you." Revilo replied his voice laced with a hint of anger.

"I take it the old man didn't wish to revive you."

"I'm not sure what he wanted. In fact I could careless. It's the verity of his death that pisses me off."

Both the fox and imp appeared shocked by the news. Revilo removed his hat and sat it on the floor. Sighing he let his head lean further back against the chair. All of his fingers clenched onto the arms and sunk deep into the wood.

"How could it be sir, the great vampire hunter Reginald Winifred Hyde was killed?"

"I am unsure if he was killed, he was part human. Perhaps his age caught up with him. After Kumiko died, his liveliness was gone; he had no reason to fight anymore. Raising her spawn must have been even more painful. The daughter looks just like her mother, the beautiful Kumiko—"

"Hyde has a daughter!" Leonard shouted, hopping on his master arm. Sneering down at him the vampire flicked the imp to the ground.

"Of course he did, that's why he stopped working on the front line and resigned to research."

"Things are looking up for you yet." The being laughed, brushing some dirt off his butt.

"What the hell do you mean Leonard?" Revilo questioned, crossing his arms.

"Well sir, just the other night I came across a newly arrived book at Helen's Store. So naturally I bought it and read it here on the mantle. It spoke of the binding circles written by the hunters. To my surprise I found there is more than one way to have that circle removed. And one of those ways happens to be marriage. By you marrying your master's child, you will be set free from the bonds of the circle. You'll be invincible once more."

"Hmm…" The blonde smirked in pleasure. "Hyde would roll over in his hellish grave and die again if that were to happen."

Upset by the thought the fox bit her master's leg then zoomed out of the room. Revilo's wound quickly healed and he placed the hat back a top of his head. Happiness beaming around him the beast bowed to his servant.

"You have been a great help, lord imp. Take care of Lillian while I am gone. I plan to take this girl as my wife. If it doesn't work, I can always eat her."

"I am afraid it's not that simple. You must remember she is your master's daughter, and the same protection the circle gave him, it will provide her. If she doesn't agree to wed you it won't happen."

"I will make her agree." The vampire snickered, disappearing in the darkness.

"That vampire is a nasty piece a work." The imp smiled, hopping into the flame.

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