Chapter 07:

Nightfall had finally settled in the bewitched sky and its ersatz stars shined their best. The crows sat in the windows speaking about war. Helen told them to hush as she hunted through her cabinets. One of the birds flew to her shoulder as she stumbled upon a beautiful winter kimono. The woman patted the dust from it. From behind her bedroom door Yuki appeared in only her undergarments. The rest of her was bandaged up to her abdomen. Hurriedly she got into the kimono and thanked the witch.

"That isn't for free. In exchange for the apparel, you have to answer one question for me."

"You have a question? Sure, I can answer it." The teen yawned.

"Can you love a murderer?"

"I don't think I can." Yuki replied honestly.

"That is good enough for me. Just remember those words won't you." Helen smirked, stepping down the hall. "The men you were traveling with are awaiting you outside."

"They are here?" the ebony haired girl asked before running to meet them.

Revilo, Valentine and Tai were all conversing outside. The girl's faced winced at the emotions welling up in her. She decided to let everything out in her tears. Revilo grabbed the girl and allowed her to cry against his chest. Affectionately he laid his lips on the top of her mud scented hair. Despite all she had said and done, he couldn't help but feel close to her. Tai's white pupils brightened with jealousy. That anger boiled in his skin begging him to react wildly. A hand rested on his tense shoulders. He turned his head and noticed the hand belonged to Val. The vampire leaned over into his ear and whispered, "Let them fall in love in peace. A whole nation is relying on them marrying."

"I know that. But whenever I see her, all I want is to hold her and care for her. My feelings aren't biased They are only for her." Tai softly responded.

Yuki released herself from the vampire's grasp and then smiled. It was faint but enough to be recognized as a good sign of hope. She then stepped over to the horned beast. A small laugh came out before she wrapped her arms around him. Tai was startled, but happy to be able to cling to her.

"I missed you, Tai."

"You missed me?" He questioned his face flushed.

"Yes, I dreamt something horrible happened to you. I am so glad that it is all over and you here!" She answered hugging his icy body once more before splitting away.

"What did you dream about?" Val inquired, with his hand on his chin.

"In my dream Tai and I were being chased by boy. He bit off Tai's arms and legs and I fell onto him to protect him and that's when I woke up. "

A hushed breeze blew a group of leaves past Tai's stone face. Things were getting more dangerous than he thought. "Before we go to Tengoku, we have to stop at Imperial Village just for a day."

"Imperial Village, is that were you are from?" Yuki asked.

"Yes, I believe I have some unfinished business."

"Well why don't you and Yuki head along there. In the meantime, I and Valentine will visit the blacksmith down the road. We shall meet up at your place." Revilo suggested, before handing the girl a few gold coins. "I am sure you will be hungry by time you get there."

After saying farewell, they split up. Tai was pleased things turned out this way. He was underneath the stars with the girl he loved. To him, Yuki seemed regal in the kimono she was wearing and her hair flowing in the wind added to this affect. She turned around and smiled at him. They moved closer to one another and started to chat idly. Minutes turned into a delightful hour spent. But in their time unaccompanied by others, he realized that she was warming up to Revilo. She explained how he made the garden bloom and how he looked as he rested on her lap.

"I am not sure if I love him or not. I feel like I can fall for him but, I know what he's done. My father put that seal on him because he was a rabid killer. He was also an enemy of the state…I just can't forgive him."

"That is understandable." Tai's heart ached making his words sound like croaks. "But at least try… please; try to love both sides of him, slaughterer and savior."


"He doesn't want to marry you to become some power hungry vampire. Revilo wants your hand to save his people. He wants to take you to Tengoku to prove his case. I know it's not fair to either of you…and if I had things my way you wouldn't have too. You would be with m—whomever you choose." The beast face turned pink again when he noticed Yuki blushing as well. "Look we are here, Imperial Village. That's my cottage right down the road."

The current appearance of the village truly let down its name. There was hardly anyone living there. A church stood at its center; half gone from fire and wars. On it was the only working clock in the town. Sickly dogs lay panting on the streets .Filthy children ran about searching for food or work. Their parents leaned against one of the only open business in town, the wine storehouse. They drank and drank and drank some more until the reality before them diminished. Hopelessness was deeply apparent in their eyes. Tai tipped an invisible hat to them while keeping close guard on Yuki.

To get into his home he kicked the door down. Just from a short glance he could tell it had been raided; the valuables taken and pawned. He went to the decorative living room and pulled out the rug. Then he lifted a secret door.

"Stay put Yuki." He instructed before peering into the darkness. Tai hopped down into the cellar and began to sniff the floor. It was covered in dry blood. His hand touched a pile of children's clothes and he screamed, "Where are the bones!?"

Yuki hollered out for help as she back up against the fireplace. A gigantic black dragon's head burst through the entry way. There was fire in its eyes and smoke shooting from the corners of its mouth. The grand creature opened his jaws revealing the deceased bodies of the drunken adults. Tai climbed out of the cellar and stood in front of the girl.

"At last I see my creator face to face. How perfect, I will be the one to eat you and your silly girlfriend."

"Tamaki, I don't want to fight you—"

"You don't want to fight me but you killed me? You truly are a human. Never will you be able to give that up and become a full god." He snarled spitting human bones from his mouth. "Let me show you pathetic mortals the power of the seven suns!"

Taking in a deep breath Tamaki prepared for his first assault. Deep orange flames flooded out of his throat. Tai covered Yuki with is body as the fire combusted his home. The black dragon rode up into the sky then drove back into flaring house tearing up the foundation. He retreated and stared down not satisfied. Tamaki could still sense Tai's energy and it was growing. Both of his targets emerged from the building barely scathed.

"I don't want to do this…but I won't allow my mistakes to hold me back."

That statement stung the black dragon into more anger. Yuki stood behind his enemy staring at him ferociously. At the stroke of the church clock's second hand, the creature plunged into his creator. Tai's body began to shoot chunks of ice from his spine. Fangs sprouted from his mouth restraining him from speach. Thick claws ripped through his flesh and punctured his assailant. The girl covered her mouth as the grotesque transformation continued. Tamaki roared before biting into horned beast's stomach and crunching down on his bones. Tai wrapped his legs around the dragon and began to pull chunks of pulsating tissue from his face. Yuki fell to her knees covering her nose from the smell of brimstone coming from the black creatures blood .

In the blacksmith's stable the two vampires toyed with weaponry. Revilo spun daggers in his hands then slid them into his new holster. Then he equipped himself with a new twin edge blade that was worthy of any king. Valentine on the other hand decided only to purchase a simply katana. The blacksmith invited them to a few short jokes. He was a perverted sort with a strong English accent. Many people found his made up stories humorous, so they decided to stay and listen to him talk.

"Just other day here I went and tried to get me a little kitty …if you catch my drift. Damn it all if the girl wasn't some Neko boy dressed in drag. The moral of the story is you should be wary of what you ask for you may get it and that much more!"

Val and patted the old man on the shoulder as he giggled. Revilo shook his head in disbelief. The old man wiped a tear from his eye unable to hold back laughter. It was one his favorites and he told it to everyone. Before he could start another one a child ran into the shop. His right arm was missing; his voice shaky.

"Get the child some aid, call Helen here right away!" Revilo ordered Val.

"Yes my lord!"

"A dragon is attacking Imperial! A dragon is killing us off again!" The boy panted before falling into Revilo's arms. The blacksmith took the boy and laid him on a nearby bench.

"Kageri !" All darkness summoned itself to the vampire and he dispersed into the sky. "Yuki, please be safe! I am coming for you."

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