A/N: Yoh! I read a manga with a 'rape' theme on it and my heart was moved by the protagonist's bravery. I got inspired on writing this so... here's the outcome. I don't know if the title's okay though... I can't think of any because usually my poems are untitled. (^.^) Rated M just to be sure. The date at the bottom is the original time when I finished writing this. :) Reviews are greatly appreciated.

Lost Innocence

My stomach churned

As I tried to get rid

Of Apollo's godly hands.

His alluring scent

Charisma and mesmerizing eyes

Caught the inner lust in me.

I was passionately enamored

With a foolish dream.

Sensations came back but no matter

How hard I propelled myself away

This body contradicted and betrayed

My virtuous mind.

I was weak.

My heart was racing

And head pounding

I gave out a rueful sob

But he slyly smirked and

Trailed kisses on my neck

His hands touching

All the flesh in sight.

Shivers ran down my spine .

My body was unpleasantly hot

sweat cascaded down my shoulders.

As he came inside me

An excruciating pain coursed throughout

my body, nerves sparked up.

Crying, my nails dug down his skin

Every second

Seemed like minutes

And in silence I gulped all my mistakes

But it was too late

For I felt liquid gushed out

Obstruction and revolting was too late

I took a glimpse

On the man beside me

And saw how serene he slept.

His tall nose

Clear blue orbs

Silky black hair


Such deceiving features.

Fright, regret and sore

I didn't put my morals into use

I abhor that time

And there's only 'me' to blame

For I gave my innocence

On a treacherous stranger I met.

By: EsiuoL (01/20/09)