Of the Night

.Chapter Two.

I had always been cynical.

That didn't necessarily mean that I thought of myself as a pessimist. It's more like I'm just realistic.

When I entered high school I thought it would be all about having fun with your girl friends while shopping and gossiping about eye candies and bitches you'd love to hate while you do your nail polish together. What more, I thought you'd automatically get a boyfriend who'd you spend exciting late night parties with.

Apparently that wasn't the case but I'm quite relieved that it didn't take me long to figure that out. I woke up to reality as soon as I found myself behind a counter every weekend in a staring stand off with a cash register. Well, it's not like I actually have a choice since money didn't grow on trees while stingy parents did.

"Thank you. Please come again." I greeted monotonously with a stiff smile.

I swear I'm sounding more and more like a robot each day. I even memorized the gesture that went along with it. It's like I was born to do this thing or programmed, for that matter. All the blame should be to my parents who supported child labor by making me work at our small cafe as soon as I was able to say "mama".

I sighed as the customer left the store. While leaning against the counter I realized how I should be having fun during this kind of day. Life was passing me by each day and I haven't even got the chance to do a single thing in my list I planned to accomplish once I got in to high school.

"Your shift is over Katie."

My best friend, Simone, said with her sweet voice. She practically lived in our cafe – not like that was a bad thing. If not for her, I might totally lose it and go insane from boredom.

She gently pulled me away from the counter and took my uniform's small white and red cap off my pinned up hair.

"Yeah you're right." I quickly took off my apron and went in the lockers while she followed.

"You should be going home too. You'll miss dinner and that show you like." I said as I packed my things and sat on the steel bench.

She leaned against the lockers and pursed her lips, "Daniel's picking me up but he's late."

She looked down at her shoes for a bit but she looked back at me with a grin.

"Don't worry. Something must be up so I'll just wait. Besides, your parents told the manager not to close the shop while I'm still here."

She confidently assured me like always as if not to make me worry. I was not able to return a smile because in the back of my mind, I knew what her boyfriend was doing. Although I wasn't certain whatever this 'something' her boyfriend was busy with, I kinda feel like it was a girl again - I'm just unsure who it could be this time.

I knew I should have slapped him hard across his boyish face while I could back at the park. That didn't matter now though since I have much, much more motivation to do it to him once I see him again – harder than I ever wanted before.

"Okay. Tell him I said hi." I muttered softly avoiding her gaze unintentionally because each time I looked at her, the "talking tree's" words started to disturb me.

I stood up and grabbed my bag before sliding it to my shoulder. "See you."

"Take care Katie." I heard her say as I closed the door behind me.

I walked out feeling a mix of anger, guilt and disappointment in myself. I knew divine retribution would come someday. I was just hoping it wouldn't come anytime soon.

"Why does it have to be this cold? It's spring already for goodness' sake." I mumbled clutching my bag to stop my hands from shivering.

The sidewalk was crowded. It wasn't rush hour but many were probably rushing home. I wasn't very fond of trying not to bump in to people especially when I was this dazed and confused so I kept walking at the corner. That kinda made me look awkward though but it saves effort in avoiding clashing in to people.

I sluggishly made my way down the street. It was cold since winter had just ended even the snow haven't melted completely either. All the while when I walked, my teeth were rattling and that wasn't particularly a nice sight. I bowed my head as I continued to walk on and hoped that I would reach home before I get frozen. That was when I remembered that I might actually have some scarf in my bag.

I stopped by the corner and opened my bag. True enough, I saw a poorly woven pink handmade scarf. Quickly, I pulled it out and wrapped the scarf around my neck feeling relieved that I might actually reach home alive.

"Excuse me." I heard upon feeling a hand on my shoulder forcing me to turn back.

I tried to keep my distance when I saw an awkwardly dressed man before me. He was wearing a red bonnet, big tinted glasses and worn out overcoat with a blue scarf around his neck. His chin was filled with stubbles and he looked like a hooligan. I didn't dare to move an inch closer even though I felt safe since there were a lot of people around us.

"I think this is yours." He said softly as he tapped my shoulder and grinned. His teeth made me wonder when he last held a toothbrush with toothpaste on it and that just grossed me out. I looked at his hand and saw my purse which must've fallen when I recklessly took out my scarf. I just smiled as I took it back quickly putting it in my bag.

"Thanks." I said.

It was an awkward situation and I kept that smile for a while until he turned his back on me and walked away. I let out a sigh of relief as I watched his figure disappear in to the crowd.

I faintly smiled as I tucked my wallet back in my bag. Who would've thought there were still people who bothered about such things concerning strangers? I guess not all people were driven by their own selfish motives. So, feeling a little satisfied that there was some hope left in humanity, I walked home grinning from ear to ear.


"Hey what took you so long. I'm starving." My brother, a.k.a failure of a jock, Steven, said first thing as soon as he opened the door. A gush of cold wind blew against his face and messed up his hair. That was karma, I'm sure of it.

"Serves you right." I said, pushing my way in; intentionally shoving him aside.

"Wow, little miss sunshine is talking back to her brother. How adorable." He said as the door slammed shut.

"Welcome home sweetie." My mom greeted as she took my scarf off my neck. She planted a kiss on my cold cheeks and led me to the dining table.

"Thanks mom." I said following her closely behind.

"We ate ahead of you since Stevie here complained about starvation." My mom grumbled although I knew it was in jest.

"Stop calling me Stevie mom. I'm going to be a college student soon." Steven groaned as he sunk in the sofa and started watching football again.

"If you were just even a little like Katie dear then maybe your dad would've bought you that new car you were begging for." My mom straightforwardly said, rolling her eyes at Steven before turning to me then smiling.

"If I'm not wrong you need a license to drive a car. Have you passed your test yet?" I said with a smug grin while stealing a glance at my brother with a dark stare of satisfaction like I just successfully crushed his ego.

Steven rose up and was about to open his mouth to retort but our mom pushed him back to down the sofa.

"Enough of that." She said, rolling her eyes. "You should eat your dinner now. Bedtime's 10 honey." My mother said as she pulled out a dining chair for me.

"Uh-huh, little girl's bed time is 10pm. Sob, sob, sob" Steven sai in sheer mockery before gritting his teeth at me.

"Mister, 10pm is lights out for you as well. Waking you in the morning had been giving me wrinkles lately." My mom said without looking at Steven.

I just smiled at his miserable expression and it always pissed him off.

"Um, mom, I think I'll change my clothes first." I said ever so courteously before heading to the stairs.

I passed by my brother and I could feel that he was dying to skin me alive. Well, it's not like he could actually do that. Getting on his nerves every once in a while shouldn't be a bad thing since he always drives me at a corner. He should be thanking me I hadn't auctioned him off in e-bay yet.


I closed my room's door and immediately lied on my bed before letting out a deep sigh. This was my favorite place on earth. Nothing beats the comfort of lying on your bed while idly staring at the ceiling. I tilted my head so I could see the window.

The night sky hardly had any stars and the moon was nowhere in sight either. I didn't even notice because the streets were filled with lights.

I closed my eyes and got up. I sat at the edge of my bed, removed my coat and socks until I only had my t-shirt and pants on. Without second thought, I tossed my clothes away and reached for my bag.

I started to scavenge for my things I'd need for school tomorrow. I took out my phone, planner and the purse I just dropped earlier. I was about to throw my purse but I decided to check it just to make sure nothing was missing.

"Thank God. Everything's here" I mumbled after confirming the amount of money.

Okay, I was more relieved when I saw that the photo of "the-love-of-my-life-ever-since-dinosaurs-roamed-the-earth", Ryan Oliver Olsen, was untouched. It's hidden behind my discount cards anyway so it's unlikely that it'd fall off or something.

It's hard to believe that this person, who just happened to be the most gorgeous person to walk the soil of the planet after Brad Pitt, is my brother's best friend.

Convinced that there was nothing amiss, I closed my purse but something fell on the floor. It was rectangular and looked like an SD card but much smaller. I was sure it wasn't in my purse before.

"What's this?" I asked my self as I bent down. I was about to reach for it when I felt an unusual cold presence behind me.

A cool velvety voice whispered behind my ears, sending shivers down my spine. I blushed when I felt the warm breath against my skin as I listened. For some reason, I thought he sounded familiar.

"Believe me. You wouldn't want to touch that." The voice said.

I froze into place. I was sure the windows were shut and if this person - whom I am assuming was a guy unless she's a girl with a really deep sexy voice – entered through the door, I should've seen him entering. There was another possibility though...

"No. No... You're hallucinating. There are no such things as ghosts." I told my self to calm me down.

"What are you talking about? I'm not a ghost." The voice retorted and then I felt his arms around my waist.

My eyes widened as his grip tightened and I felt his hair brushing against my neck. I closed my eyes hoping I was just making all these up but when I caught sight of a blade glistening under the light failed to assure me of my safety.

"Umm...I shouldn't have seen that right?" I asked, trying to see the face of the person behind me. I only caught a slight glimpse of his face and he was wearing a mask.

"My, whatever gave you such an idea?" He inquired with an innocent smile. I smiled back sarcastically as cold sweat slid down my cheek. "I'm pretty sure it's the knife you're holding - against my throat."

"You catch up fast don't you?" He said and I thought I just heard him chuckle. "Now hand it over and don't even dare to scream."

I flinched as I tried to move away from the knife. "You said I shouldn't touch it..." I croaked as my heart started to race. There were a lot of questions in my mind now: What did I do? Who was this person? How did he get in here? How did I get hold of whatever he was after? The list was endless.

"I don't know anything about this." I tried to defend myself then it crossed my mind that my purse fell earlier. A random stranger handed it back to me. That's got to have something to do with this.

"Of course you don't." He said confidently. He nudged me as if telling me to move my butt and get the card fast.

I bent down and reached for the thing that fell off my purse. My hands were shaking as I tried to hand it over. All the while, I was still thinking where I had heard a similar voice and what he said next gave me the answer.

"Girls really are stupid." I heard him mutter as I took forever to get the piece of metal which was unfairly treated as equal to my life.

Then, it was just like a clear flashback playing in front of me. I recalled where I heard this voice and my eyes stray the book on my study table. From then I knew. I subconsciously called out a name, "Noah?"

My throat was dry and when I thought about it, it was just impossible right? If the owner of the book I picked up was the person behind the voice of that talking tree and this guy behind me was one person - no that's just impossible.

And then maybe not.

"What did you just say?" He asked with a tone of uneasiness.

"Uh…I…" I stuttered worried about the possibility that would really slit my throat. With much anxiety, I accidentally dropped the card and I think I just kicked it away because of nervousness.

"What are you doing?!"

I think I just pissed him off and I didn't like that. He let go of me and before I knew it, he had pushed me away. The metal card was spinning on the floor where my clothes were piled up. He desperately reached for it but it disappeared in the mess.

"Damn. What a messy girl." He grumbled as he threw my clothes away as hastily as he could.

I was tongue-tied as I watched there, shocked at the sight of the dark brown haired guy dressed neatly in a tailcoat searching for the tiny card. Our eyes met and he gave me a hostile gaze which made my heart skip a beat while I tried to convince myself that this person and that guy at the park couldn't be the same person. I just know that 'Noah' was not the type who would kill for a pathetic piece of metal like this guy.

"What's taking you so long?! Hey Katie are you watching porn?!" I heard my brother yelling from outside my room. His footsteps were getting louder and expectedly, the stranger in my room was getting more frustrated.

"Tch." I heard him exclaim.

I quickly caught sight of the card and he followed my gaze. He tried to run after it but when my room's door creak open, he quickly turned around and in a blink of an eye, my window was open and he was gone.

I felt my blood run dry. Those kinds of things just don't happen and yet, I saw it right before my very eyes. I was so shocked that I didn't even notice my brother shaking me. I knew he was talking to me because I could see his lips moving. I couldn't hear a single word tough. My mind was blank and I'm drained of all my strength.


The next morning, I made up my mind to act as if nothing happened. In my jean's pocket was the metal card the masked stranger from last night was after. It might seem like I'm flirting with death but I'm sure as long as this thing was with me, I'd meet that guy again and when I do, I'd make sure to get answers from him.

"Are you sure you're okay? Even though you're a brat you're still my sister." Steven said as he walked beside me.

"I'm fine. The rat I saw in my room must've escaped form your room so don't leave your door open next time." I replied with a grin. I ran ahead of him and closed the gate behind me.

When I was about to run off, I noticed a truck in front of the empty house beside ours. Men were unloading boxes and walking in and out of the old house with a red roof. It had been empty for a while so I was curious who would want to live there.

As I tried to peek, I saw a black Lamborghini pulling up. The doors opened and two jet black haired guys around my age dressed casually in a blazer and dark pants stepped out. I balked as I watched from afar. They had porcelain like skin and an unfeeling gaze. They were beautiful. However, other than those, there was one more striking fact about them - they shared the same face.

Author's Note:

Happy Valentines!

That took a while didn't it? I'm revising the last few chapters of He was Cool so you wouldn't see it in a while...I figured I packed so much in some chapters so I'm shortening it. The prelims exams were so not helping with my updates.

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