My Own Little Piece of Hell

I have been to hell and back and never do I wish to return there to the wretched place, that pit of despair. One could never pay me to go back nor give me the world in the palm of my hand. It was filled with horrors such that I wake at night even now screaming to get away. I must tell this in hopes these shades that haunt me will leave with its telling. But still I fear them and what they might do, so names shall not be uttered so as to protect myself rather than for them.

I found myself at the mouth of a great cave that sent shivers down my back. A cold wind blew from the cave carrying wail and moans of utter pain and terror. I trembled where I stood unable to move into or away from the cave, I held me frozen and torn. From the woods behind me though came a girl that I had come to know very well throughout middle and high school, Molly.

"Molly," I cried in my terror, "what is the place before me?"

"It is the mouth of hell, and into it we must enter. This is a hell that both of us fear yet must avoid," she answered.

"Hell?" I questioned.

"Yes, and we must enter, but hold on to the knowledge that we will leave this awful place and return to Earth," Molly told me calmly.

Molly then walked into the cave and I with her. The wind blew strong and I shivered, but she did not. How did she not feel this great wind?

"Hold onto hope and the wind shall not bother you," Molly answered my unsaid question which made me question her mind reading abilities.

I took her words to heart and found the wind no longer bothered me even though I knew it was still blowing. I did not know how long or how far we walked for time and distance had no meaning here in hell. The cave changed from rocky crags to an icy chamber.

In this chamber of ice were mostly girls, but a few were boys. These people were like ghouls with their gaunt faces, ragged cloths, and bare blue-purple feet. They walked, slipped, skated, and fell on the icy ground scrapping their feet as they went leaving trails of blood in their wake.

Molly explained, "This level of hell is the level of the Ugg wearers. Their punishment is to forever walk on ice with their bare feet for in life their vanity of there shoes, and in spending ridiculous amounts of money on shoes that are easily wore out and ruined. They are on the outside now what they were on the inside in life, ghouls."

"You forgot Uggs are also ugly," I quibbled, that earned at smirk from Molly.

Looking around I saw faces of people I knew through out my school life and could never stand. As I have said before I will not reveal names for I fear f other retaliation. They wailed and moaned of their troubles and cold bodies, but they had even colder hearts that they would not let melt.

"Come Courts, we must move on now or risk being stuck here as the ghouls that are here now, " Molly said ushering me out of the chamber of ice.

Yet again time and distance had no meaning and when we arrived to the next level of this hell the screams that came from it were horrid and deafening. We both were forced to cover our ears as we entered. People here were the most beautiful people that I have ever seen in my entire life. The walls of this chamber were lined with mirrors. 'How could this be a level of hell?' I questioned myself.

"This level is the level of the from the bottle blondes. They were vain in life and so now they are surrounded by the most beautiful people imaginable, but when they look at themselves they see horrid and grotesque creatures with balls of pus all over the place, their hair falling out from dying it. The most they try to fix themselves the uglier they get," Molly informed me.

Yet again I saw people me and Molly had gone to school with and hated yet not pitied greatly. These people dug their own graves though by carrying too much about their outward appearance. Some approached and talked to use and some held back. Those that talked complained of their misfortunes, but none ever repented or wish they had done their life differently.

This time Molly yanked me by the arm out of the chamber of mirrors and into the final level of hell that we would be visiting. This level I feared the most for it would be the worst we visited. This level as Molly came to tell me was the level of designer. When we walked into the chamber an intense heat wave hit us, and a putrid smell of something burning hit our nostrils.

Here the punishment of people was that as in life they bought only things that were designer because of the label and mocked those that did not have it, they now had to burn them in the pyre that sat in the center of the chamber. Some could not cope with losing the items and would jump in the flames only to come out a few minutes later with their clothing scorched, their skin melting from their bones and their hair a flame. Some were unrecognizable as human at all, but I knew somehow that that was what they were.

I looked from no one I knew for I did not want to know who had deserved this fate, this burning. Molly started to walk into the fire and gestured for me to follow here, and trusting her with my life I followed. The flames touched me skin, but did not burn instead they only creased my body.

How I do not know, but were ended out of the flames at a fire pit with friends all around roasting marsh mellows and playing with fire.

"So Courts, the moral of the story is never ever wear Uggs, dye your hair blonde, or by something designer because its designer," Molly spoke wisely, and this is wear this tale ends but another begins.