I sat on the chair;

Close to the kitchen table.

My legs were bare. I swung them and felt

The breeze rush by.

My eyes were on the book in my hand,

But my attention

Was on my thoughts

Which were in another place.

I felt a tickle

Beginning to inch up on my foot.

I shook my leg

And it stopped.

The tickles began again,

Only on both legs.

I looked down

And screamed.

Long-legged, hairy black spiders

Were crawling up me.

I shook my legs, but

They clung on.

The spiders were appearing from

Nowhere and my legs were coated

In them. I brushed at

them, and some fell off.

They were crawling higher

And some jumped from my

Thighs to my hands and

Were creeping up my arms.

I felt stinging among

The tickling. They were

Biting my limbs. And they were

Encasing me in a spider suit.

I fell off the chair and rolled

On the ground. I tried to squish

Them flat. My body seized up

And I couldn't move.

I watched as they wound

My body in their silk.

It smelled funny and

Felt sticky.

All of them came at me

At once, and I felt harsh

Punctures on me. Were

They eating me?

I closed my eyes

And my heart beat

Less and less. It

Hurt terribly.

The spiders crawled

And ate for months

On the dead one. And then,

They were gone.