Epiphany number one: Daisy keeps her fags in her bra.

Unluckily for me, I only found that out after I smoked them. They were in the box though, so I guess they didn't actually come into contact with her boob. I seemed to be the only one who took issue with their hiding place, which, seeing as I'm the one everyone thinks is a lesbian, is odd. Catherines response, of course, was;

"I don't care where they were kept, just pass me the damn 'grette!"

"Caz, you dumb blonde, you can't keep saying 'grette', it' sound ridiculous!" Shouted Daisy.

We were sitting around the kitchen table in Nisha's house. There were three reasons we were there –

Nisha's Mum doesn't care if people smoke in the house.

Nisha's Mum is going out.

Nisha's older sister and her friend are willing to buy us alchohol.

Because not one of us (except Daisy if the shopkeeper is very distracted) look old enough to get served anything. We made a cheerful group, sipping our beer, fags casually held between two fingers, talking about sex and drugs, loud music blasting in the background. In fact the only downside was that there were no boys. Probably a good thing really, Jenny was so pissed by now that there was really no telling how far she would go if there was anyone present in possession of a dick. And while pulling and talking dirty were fine, no one really wanted to lose their virginity at fourteen to one of the butterz boys in our circle of friends.

Epiphany number two: WKD mixed with Strombow is the best concoction ever invented by man. It also gets you very pissed.

Henry and Camille, Nisha's brother and his friend, went and got us two 1 litre bottles of Strombow. It took us about half an hour of persuading before they did it mind you, after all, we're pretty damn underage. Fuck them and their consciences. We only had about half the bottle of WKD left, after Anna guzzled it while we weren't looking, but it was enough to mix it up together. I think Nisha might have poured in a bit of breezer as well, because the whole thing tasted kinda like pineapple.

Anywy, we carried our glasses upstairs, and someone turned on the music channels really loud, and I think Daisy must have been sneaking more alcohol while weweren't looking, because after about half an hour she stopped dancing and started falling over.

Then I climbed out of the window. This wasn't because I was drunk; I was only a little tipsy. If there's one thing I can do, it's hold my alcohol reasonably well. There are a lot of things I can do better, of course, but this is a pretty useful one. I would almost certainly have climbed out of the window anyway, I do those things. I didn't fall either, that's something else I can do, I can climb. Tree's, buildings, bridges, windows, whatever, I can do it, even when drunk. This is a little appreciated skill, but I'm planning on becoming more of an adrenaline junkie when I'm older. Mum won't let me go skydiving.

Everyone else followed me, most of the through the door (unimaginative bitches). The night was cold and clear, with only a few orange polluted clouds scudding through the sky. I gotta say, we're pretty noisy. I would have shouted at us if I hadn't been us. Daisy kept falling over and singing, it was defiantly a challenge to get her back inside.

I don't know why, but I kept hearing this song inside my head, even though the music from the Tv was still blasting through the open window. I kept hearing the song 'Miracle Drug' by U2 . It's a beautiful song ,and all of a sudden I just felt like crying. I'm not sure why, I just said. It wasn't because of the alcohol though. I do that kind of thing quite frequently, I really do. It was just that the night was so beautiful, and everyone was laughing, and being shouted at by angry neighbors, and I couldn't work out whether teen drinking and smoking was ,just fun, or one of the many evils of society, or both. And then, as I was half leading, half carrying Daisy inside, I got to thinking about God. For an Atheist, I think about God quite a lot. I think most religions are bull, if you want to know the truth, although Buddhism has it's cool moments, but God is a different thing totally. And I was thinking, maybe this is what God is. Being a bit drunk, but not too much, and having friends around you, and the sky being all big and orangey purple from all the car fumes, and knowing that your killing your brain cells, your liver and your lungs but not caring, and suddenly you just get this moment of total clarity. I don't know. But if someone told me too invent a religion, just like that, out of the blue, that's probably the kind of thing I'd come up with. At least no one would end up getting killed over it. Or probably they would. People always find a way to screw things up.