Half the fun of life is death
And who are we to live off breath
When all this world can offer us is pain.

The beauty never lasts for long
And birds will soon forget their song
The purpose of our life becomes so plain.

It's not that we are here to shout
Of all in time we fear and doubt
Just to ease our minds and carry on.

We're all too quick to judge the good
Then gaze upon where they once stood
Feeling only sorrow now they've gone.

I blame myself for losing hope
And sliding down the slippery slope
A tear shall always travel down my cheek.

The bleakness of the night above
Reminds me that my lack of love
Shall always render me forever weak.

If I'm supposed to live without
That which makes all women spout
If ever they observe a brainless man.

Then surely I should wear a smile
And live a life of fun and guile
It's necessary that I stick to plan.

I can't be hurt by tricks of heart
Because I've made it my fine art
To dodge most men in any way I please.

In actual fact it's rather grand
And though to you it may seem bland
I choose to live, for now at least, in ease.

A/N: I have given up on the male species. No offence.