Epilogue – October 18th, 2013

~~October 18th, 2013. Friday, 8:00pm~~

-NATHAN'S point of view-

It's been over four years since the death of Kelly Parson.

I had just pulled up into Kelly's old house and parked my car—my new Corvette—in the carport of the house. As I began making my way up to the front door, I looked at the large house and realized how long it had been since I had been here last—the day of the funeral. The exterior of the house hadn't changed much since the last time I had been here, but as I entered the kitchen, I realized that Kelly's mother had done a lot of remodeling.

"Oh, Nathan, hi!" Mrs. Parson said as she entered the kitchen with a load of laundry. She put the basket down on the floor and opened her arms for me. I walked up to her, and we hugged. "How are you?" she asked when she pulled back to give me the once over. I was wearing a button down blue shirt and black pants. My hair was cropped short, and I didn't wear my leather jacket anymore. I had completely changed since high school. I wasn't the bad boy anymore; instead I was the sophisticated, young man.

"I'm studying to become a marine biologist," I said.

Mrs. Parson smiled at me. "It's good to see you again," she said. "Alison's here if you want to talk to her."

"Yeah, that'd be great."

The truth is that even though I hadn't been to Kelly's house often, I had seen her family quite regularly. Alison used to come over to my house and go swimming in the pool with my newest half-brother. And every time she came over, I usually told her a story about her aunt whom she never got to know.

"NATHAN!" I heard a four year old girl's voice call out and then saw a head of black curls running at me at full force.

"Ali!" I exclaimed as she jumped into my arms.

"Hey, Nate," Cody said.

"Jeez, you've grown a lot," I said wide-eyed as a ten-year-old Cody walked into the dining room wearing a basketball uniform and a coat of sweat.

"Hey, what about me?" Mark asked.

"You too, bub," I replied as a seven-year-old Mark walked in behind his older brother wearing an equally thick coat of sweat. "What have you been doing?"

"Playin' basketball," Cody said as he grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge and threw a second one to his younger brother, who caught it in one hand. I was always surprised to see how coordinated these young children were.

"Guess what!" Alison said, bouncing up and down in my arms. I looked at the way her blue eyes shone in the light and couldn't help myself from thinking she looked exactly like Kelly except the black, curly hair.

"What?" I asked.

"I learned how to do a back-hand-spring at gymnastics!" she exclaimed, jumping out of my arms and landing gracefully on her feet. "Wanna see?"

"Sure," I agreed with a smile.

Alison prepared herself by putting her arms straight out in front of her. She bent her legs and then jumped. Her torso went backwards, and her legs flew over her head as her head was upside down, her arms supporting her on the ground. When she was done, her body had completed a full circle backwards. And I was completely brought back to the day in the field that I was planning to revisit tonight for the first time in four years. I remembered how Kelly had done the exact same thing. And I realized that Alison had looked exactly like Kelly. I pushed back the tears that were threatening to escape my eyes and clapped for Alison with a broad smile on my lips.

"You look just like your aunt," I said.

Alison's blue eyes lit up, "Really? Can you tell me more about her?"

"Of course, angel."

"I'm not an angel, silly," Alison giggled. "Angels live in Heaven. I live in America."

I chuckled as I agreed with her. Angels did live in Heaven, and Kelly was in Heaven. "Huh, I guess you're right, Ali. C'mon, let's go hear a story," I said as I grabbed her small hand and headed into the living room. Cody and Mark followed suit and sprawled out on the couch. Alison sat on my lap on the lazy boy. "What do you guys want to hear?" I asked them.

"Tell us about that one kid…Zack," Cody said. "I remember one time…a long time ago, before Kelly met you, Zack came over to Nana's house and begged Kelly to date him. It was pretty funny."

My jaw clenched at the remembrance of Zeke. I could only imagine how many times Zeke had tried to go out with Kelly before I met her. "Well, I can tell you that Zeke was a pain in the behind. On the first day I had ever met your Aunt Kelly, when she was getting ready to go home, Zeke had ambushed Kelly. And do you know what your aunt did? She smacked him upside the head."

Alison giggled, "I'm going to be just as tough as my Aunt Kelly."

"Didn't she also kick him in the balls?" Cody asked, taking a gulp of Gatorade.

"No, she kicked him in the nose, but it was only self defense. Zeke had cornered her at a party," I explained. "She did knee another boy in the balls. His name was…um…Derek? Darryl? I can't remember. But don't forget, your aunt was the sweetest girl I have ever met. She cared about everyone even if she didn't know them. She was even nice to Zeke when he tried to have his way with her. And she was the most desired girl at our high school. Every guy wanted her, and every girl wanted to be her."

"How old was I when she went to Heaven?" Alison asked.

"You were only a few months old. She had a bucket list, and do you know what was on it? She wanted to hold her first niece at least once before she went. And Kelly got to hold you on the day you were born."

"Do I look like her?" Alison asked.

"Minus the brown, curly hair? Yes. You have her same exact eyes and smile. But she had blonde, straight hair. You know, when you did that back-hand-spring, you looked exactly like your Aunt Kelly."

"I want to be just like her."

"And I bet you will be," I said.

"What sports did she do?" Alison asked.

"Well when she was younger, she did basketball, softball, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, band, girl scouts, and beta club. And when she was about three years old, she even took swimming lessons."

"I didn't know she played basketball," Mark said from the couch.

"Yeah, you used to practice with her when you were only two years old. She taught you how to dribble the ball," I replied.

"How did you meet her?" Alison questioned.

"I sat in her seat during homeroom. And I was a total jerk to her. I used to be a bad boy back then."

"I can't see you as a bad boy," Mark said.

"Well, you better believe it. Even your mother warned me about being in the same room as Kelly when I spent the night once. She could tell that I was a bad guy back then," I replied.

"But you're so nice now," Alison said.

"Aunt Kelly changed me," I said, reminiscing about how Kelly had affected me drastically. I remembered on that first day of school of 2008 I had thought that I would be screwing all the girls I could in that stupid Catholic school, but then Kelly had come in and touched me. And that electric shock that I missed so much now had sent so many questions to my head. And in just a little over a week, I didn't want to have sex anymore. I only wanted to make Kelly happy. I had been changed so much that year. If Kelly hadn't come into my life, I knew for a fact that I never would have had the desire to actually make it into college and pursue my dream of being a marine biologist. I was pretty certain that I probably would have dropped out of high school as soon as I could and done nothing with my life, but now I had the aspiration to finish college and get a worth-while job.

My watch beeped, and I realized that I only had an hour until it was ten o'clock—the same time that Kelly had died in my arms.

"Oh, it's time for me to go," I said, patting Alison so she knew to hop down off my lap.

"Are you going to come back soon? I've missed you," Alison asked innocently, and I couldn't help thinking she sounded just like her aunt.

I smiled and kissed the top of her head. "I'll be back as soon as I can," I promised and waved goodbye to Cody and Mark. "Tell your grandmother I'll be back soon, okay?"

"Okay, Nate; see you later!" Cody called from the couch as he grabbed the remote to turn the TV on.

I got into my car and started heading to the field that I hadn't visited in over four years. It took about twenty minutes to reach the outskirts of the wooded area where the field was located. I grabbed my backpack, which I had thrown into the backseat of the car. If I still had my motorcycle, I would have been able to go a little farther, but I had sold the motorcycle as soon as I got into college. I decided back then that I needed to grow up and get a car. So, now I needed to hike about two miles, instead of just one and a half. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and started the long walk to the open field. It took me about forty minutes, but eventually I made it to the spot where Kelly and I had lain so many years ago. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a picnic cloth. I laid it out on the grass and fell onto it, lying on my back and placing my hands behind my head as I looked up at the ordinary sky.

I knew that in about three hours, the lunar eclipse would appear. As I lay there with my eyes closed in contentment, a warm breeze came over me, and I smiled.

Open your eyes, Nate.

I was surprised at how close her voice was to me. Before when I used to hear her voice, it had been distant, not close. But now, I could hear her as if she was right next to me. And as I opened my eyes, I realized she was right next to me. She was transparent, like a ghost, but I could see her clearly. She was lying right next to me; her hair sprawled out on the blanket like a halo. And there was a shimmer of light around her, like she was an angel. She was wearing a white sundress. And even though it was cold outside, she wasn't shivering. She looked perfectly peaceful. And she was looking up at me with those gorgeous seventeen-year-old baby blue eyes.

"Kelly," I whispered, stroking her cheek, but not feeling anything. Kelly closed her eyes as if she could feel my finger. "I've missed you, angel."

"I told you that you would see me soon." Kelly's voice rang with angelic bells.

"Yeah, four years ago."

"I'm sorry."

"I didn't mean that. I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry, baby. I finally get to see you for the first time in forever and I have to screw everything up."

We were quiet for a moment, and then I asked, "So, is this just me going insane? Is seeing you here with me just my imagination going crazy? Like in 'New Moon' when Bella hallucinated about Edward?"

"I told you that you were a Twi-heart in France," Kelly smiled. "But, no, this isn't just your imagination."

"Then what is this? Are you a ghost?" I asked.

"You can call it that," Kelly paused. "I can't believe you remembered," she said, looking up at the night's sky.

"How could I forget?"

Kelly smiled, "Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me."

"Not just for this, but for telling Alison everything about me. She's getting so big. And so are Cody and Mark. I can't believe how old they are getting. And you," Kelly reached up and stroked my cheek; I could feel a cool breeze rush over the spot where she touched, and as her finger trailed down my cheek, I felt that electric buzz I had been yearning for ever since prom, "You're getting so much older and mature. You're a man now."

I couldn't say anything because my mouth was dry, and there was something blocking my throat.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you, too."

"I miss you."

"Are you lonely?" Kelly asked with a mischievous gleam in her cobalt eyes.

"Of course, I'm lonely without you," I murmured, catching her hand by our sides.

"You won't be lonely for very long, I promise," Kelly said, that mischief still glinting in her expression.

"I'd rather be lonely than be with someone other than you," I said, turning onto my side to look at her more clearly.

"You should want to be with someone, Nathan. I told you before that I want you to be happy. I don't want you to be lonely anymore. I want you to love again."

"'I shall never love again,'" I said.

"'Princess Bride,'" Kelly said, still playing our game. "I want you to love again."

"Well, I don't want to."

"You sound like a spoiled, little kid who isn't getting his way," Kelly pointed out.

"I only want you," I said, looking into her eyes carefully.

"Sometimes you don't get what you want."

"That's not fair!" I yelled out.

"Life isn't fair," Kelly said quietly.

"But you're not…alive. So, why can't you just keep coming back to me like this?" I asked, knowing that what I said was utterly preposterous.

"Like what? As a ghost?" Kelly asked, looking at me as if I was crazy.

"Yes!" I yelled. "I hate this. I hate not being able to be with you, to hold you, to kiss you."

"I'm sorry," Kelly whispered.

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths, "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be yelling at you when you have no control of the situation. It isn't your fault."

"It wasn't my fault, Nate. You have to let go of the past and move on with your life. I'm gone, Nathan; and you have to accept that."

"I don't want to accept it."

"Spoiled, little kid," Kelly said in a sing-song voice.

"Why are you always so optimistic?" I asked, calming down.

"It's my nature," Kelly replied with a smile.

"I don't know how you do it."

"'Just lucky, I guess,'" she said in a really high-pitched voice.

"Oh, my God, I know what that's from…Oh, 'Hocus Pocus.'"

"Very good," Kelly praised.

We laid there in silence for hours just looking up at the sky hand in hand. I enjoyed just being in her company. I knew this time with her was very limited, but I felt like this time would last forever. It was a few minutes before midnight when I asked Kelly, "So, why exactly did you want to see this eclipse?"

"Today's my grandmother's birthday," Kelly answered, not looking at me, but looking at the sky where the moon would soon turn.

Just then my watch beeped for the second time today: 11:59 p.m.

"We only have thirty more seconds," I murmured.

"You know what that means, don't you?" Kelly asked, her voice sad.

"We will have completed your list," I answered.

"I have no more unfinished business here on earth and I will leave. Forever. I won't be coming back."

I closed my eyes. My heart constricted just at the thought, but I had known it was coming all along. I had just pushed it off to the side. "I know," I whispered.

"When I leave, I want you to let go. Your Destiny is coming," she said mysteriously.

"What does that mean?" I asked, remembering the letter Kelly had written me: follow your Destiny. What was that supposed to mean? But Kelly merely turned her attention to the sky where the moon was changing colors without answering.

At first it was just as bright as it had always been; a big, white circle overlooking the entire left half of the world. And then slowly a shadow passed over it. First it just covered a quarter of it, and then half of it, and then three quarters of it. But before the shadow could cover the entire moon, an orange glow came about it; illuminating the entire moon. I stared in awe at the now orange moon. But it only last for about ten seconds. Now the shadow that had covered it was leaving in the opposite direction. The moon was becoming the white moon that was most familiar to me. And then the night's sky was just as normal as ever.

I smiled to myself. I pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from my jeans pocket and placed a check mark by the number one item on the list. I would always keep this paper in loving memory of Kelly. I looked for about the thousandth time at Kelly's lovely handwriting. All the loops and circles and lines. So graceful and elegant. I held the paper close to me and shut my eyes again thinking only of Kelly.

"I love you," Kelly didn't move her lips, but her angelic voice filled my head and echoed in my mind.

"As I love you," I replied.

Kelly smiled and then her ghost began to fade.

"Wait!" I reached out to try and catch her.

"I'll be with you always in your memories." And then she was gone, just like that. I couldn't believe it. I was never going to get to see Kelly ever again. I closed my eyes as a tear rolled down my cheek. But I opened my eyes at the sound of the trees bustling. I looked over at the trees, which surrounded the field from the rest of the world, and saw something I never would have thought possible.

At first I thought I was hallucinating. But then I heard the blonde-haired girl yelp as a root wrapped around her leg, and she fell on her face. I quickly rushed to her side, helping her up from the ground. As I helped her onto her feet, I looked into her eyes. She looked just like… "Kelly?" I whispered.

"No…?" she said, looking up at me quizzically, "Um…thank you for helping me up. Uh…where am I?"

"You're obviously lost. My name's Nathan Louis," I said, shaking her hand.

"Hi, my name's Destiny Parson."

I did a double take, "What?"

"Destiny Parson. I know, I hate my name. My mother had this crazy idea when she named me that—"

"No, no, no, Parson. Are you related to…Kelly Parson?"

"Yeah. She was my cousin. Her mom and my dad were siblings. My mother died when I was a child. How did you know her?"

"We were in love," I said distractedly. It was all making sense now. The mischievous look Kelly had when she spoke about my being lonely. And then… "Your Destiny is coming." This girl was supposedly my Destiny.

"You were her cousin?" I asked.


"You look just like her," I said. "Like you could be her twin…" And then I was taken aback as I remembered the first time I had eaten lunch with Kelly, Maria, and Sarah… "I was a twin. My sister, Destiny, died in childbirth. Her umbilical cord got wrapped around her neck and suffocated her."

"You're not her cousin," I said. "You're her twin. C'mon."

I grabbed Destiny's hand and pulled her back through the trees, completely forgetting about my blanket and backpack in middle of the field. It only took us twenty minutes to get to the car because we ran.

"Are you kidnapping me?" Destiny asked from the passenger seat in a shaky voice.

"No, we're going to your mother's house."

"What? My mother's dead."

"No, she's not. How old are you?" I asked.

"I'm twenty-one."

"When's your birthday?" I drilled.

"July 17th." Destiny was getting more confused.

"That was Kelly's birthday."

"Who's your dad?"

"Donald Parson."

"That was Kelly's uncle," I said.

I sped down the road, and soon enough we made it to Kelly's old house. All of the lights were off, and the house was quiet, but I didn't care. I hopped out of the car and stormed into the front door with Destiny right behind my heels. "What are we doing at Aunt Laura's house?" she asked me.

I turned on the light and waited. I knew that Mr. and Mrs. Parson would come in, but what I didn't know was that Mr. Parson would come in with a bat. When he realized it was only me, he paused. And then he gasped as his eyes landed on Destiny, and his eyes widened.

"Who is it?" Mrs. Parson asked her husband from behind him.

"It's Nathan and Destiny," he said, placing the bat against the wall and walking into the kitchen. "What are you two doing here?"

"Destiny's your daughter, isn't she?" I asked without preamble.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Parson froze. And then they slowly walked into the kitchen and sat down on the kitchen chairs, "How did you find out?"

"What?" Destiny yelped. "Aunt Laura, this isn't true, is it?"

Mrs. Parson didn't say anything.

"How did you find out?" Mr. Parson asked again.

"Kelly told me she had a twin, who had died in childbirth. And then Destiny got lost in a field, and I found her. So, how did this happen?"

"When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I was already thirty-four years old," Mrs. Parson began. "We didn't even know if one of the twins would survive, let alone both of them because of my age. But back then, we were losing money and fast. We were in debt, and our house had been on foreclosure. We figured one of the twins would die in the womb or in childbirth. We didn't want that to happen, but it would be very unlikely if both survive. Well, both Kelly and Destiny lived. And we tried—we tried so hard—to make it work, but we were about to lose our house. And we had six mouths to feed, not to mention the two dogs that we had at the time. And then, your Uncle Donnie said he could help us out. You see, his wife had just died, and Donald had wanted children so badly, but he was so broken-hearted that he didn't want to remarry. He said he would adopt one of the twins. We didn't want to give any one of our children up, but we were starving, and we would be able to see you all the time. It was the perfect solution."

It was quiet for a long time while everyone digested the new information.

"So…so…you're my…mom?" Destiny was in tears now.

"Yes, baby, you're my little girl." And with that said, Destiny ran into her mother's arms in tears.

A few hours later, I was driving Destiny back to her father's—well, uncle's—house.

"So, how did you manage to stumble into that field?" I asked.

"My boyfriend—well, make that ex-boyfriend—tried to park with me. He pulled up on the side of some isolated road, and…well, you get it. So, I ran away from him. But I didn't know where to go. I ran into the wooded area so he couldn't catch me, but I ended up getting lost. And then eventually I stumbled into the field, and you know the rest."

"I'm sorry about that," I sympathized.

"Don't be. He was a total douche. I still can't believe my aunt is my mother. This is so unrealistic. And to think I never would have found out had it not been for you. Thank you again. You know, no one has ever been that nice to me before."

"Well, you have Kelly to thank for that. Before I knew her, I was a badass."

Destiny giggled, "Yeah, I can see that. Did you have a motorcycle and leather jacket too?"

"Actually, yeah." I snuck a glance at Destiny, and my heart leapt just at the sight of her. I felt like I was looking at Kelly again. Only this girl was a woman; she wasn't seventeen.

Let go of your past and move on. Kelly's voice rang in my head.

Just then, I pulled into the driveway of her house. She got out of the car slowly, reluctantly. Before she shut the door, she turned around and smiled at me. Her smile blew me away again because it looked so much like her sister's.

"Thank you again, Nathan," she said. "Oh, and…uh, here." She handed me a slip of paper and then rushed inside.

As the door closed behind her, I looked down at the piece of paper: 555-0261.

I smiled as I looked at the loopy handwriting, which looked just like Kelly's. I would definitely call her in the morning.

-KELLY'S MOM'S point of view-

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Parson,

You are cordially invited to the matrimony of

Destiny Parson


Nathan Louis


August 22nd, 2018

It wasn't a surprise, I knew. Nathan and my daughter had started going out their junior year of college. Even though they had gone to separate schools, they had made it work. And Nathan treated Destiny just as he had treated Kelly. He loved her. And deep down, I knew that he didn't just love her because she looked like Kelly, his first real love, but because of her personality. She was very much like Kelly, and yet so different in so many ways. I couldn't even begin to describe their individualities. But I couldn't begin to explain their alikeness either. There was just so much to say, and I if I started to try compare and contrast them, I wouldn't be able to stop.

I folded the heavy, fancy invitation and pinned it to the board. I already knew that Cody, who was now fifteen years old, and Mark, who was already twelve, would both be the groomsmen. Destiny and I had already picked out their cute, little tuxedos. Alison, God forbid she was already nine years old, would be the flower girl. Her hair design was chosen, and her dress had already been custom ordered. Destiny and I had spent hours looking through magazines and online. She had chosen her hair stylist and her hair style. Her dress had been picked out, and we were going to have our first fitting on the tenth of July. Lily was going to be the matron of honor. And, of course, the priest who would be marrying them would be Ryan Parson, my son. He had graduated from the seminary two years ago, and Nathan had wanted him to be the one to marry Destiny and him.

Just as I finished pinning the invitation to the board, I looked up to see a car pull into the driveway. Destiny hopped out with Lily, and they began walking towards the house. Alison walked behind her, her nose in the newest high technology. It was some sort of Vhold. Was that what it was called? I couldn't keep up anymore. They were coming over to discuss the style of the bridesmaids' dresses and hairstyles. I knew it was going to be another long day of wedding planning. And I couldn't wait.

-NATHAN'S point of view-

It was August 22nd. The day of my wedding. I was already dressed in my tuxedo with a white rose in the front pocket. All of my groomsmen were ready too. We were all waiting in the back room of the church. We were all waiting for the ceremony to start. My heart hammered in my chest from excitement and anticipation.

I love Destiny, just as much as I loved Kelly. They were so alike and so different. Where Kelly never told a single lie, Destiny seemed to lie constantly. It wasn't anything big, but she would try to surprise me with something and consequently had to come up with elaborate fibs to throw me off. When Kelly had been a straight A student, Destiny was a straight D student. During our junior year of college, I had to help Destiny to pass three of her courses. She had trouble with her short attention span. Sometimes we joked that she had ADD and the doctors refused to admit that it was true. Kelly had never smoked any sort of drug or drunken any type of alcohol, but Destiny had been close to addiction when we first met. She was better now. She could go six whole weeks without the craving of the taste of liquor. But Destiny was able to hide her feelings a hell of a lot better than Kelly was ever able to do. Destiny could go a full week acting as if nothing was bothering her, and it would take me days until I realized that she was pissed at something.

I hadn't thought so much about Kelly in years. It wasn't like I never thought about her. I thought about her at least once a day. I had just never compared her to her sister before. And it was bringing back those old feelings of nostalgia. I excused myself from the group of tuxed-up men and went outside to view the beautiful landscape of palm trees and marsh grass. Destiny and I were getting married in a little church right on the beach. I knew that the small church would be crowded with people. Destiny had such a huge family. I looked out over the waves of the beach and began thinking about Kelly's and my first date. After we had gone to dinner, we had walked on the beach during a full moon—one of the things she had wanted to do before she died. I remembered that it was during that time when she had told that she had cancer.

For a second I thought I saw a glance of a long-haired blonde walking on the beach. She was wearing the same exact dress that Kelly had worn on our first date. She even had the same heels. But then as soon as it had snapped out of nowhere, the image was gone. My eyes welled up with tears.

Hush now. It's your wedding day.

Suddenly I felt warm, invisible arms embrace me from behind. I jolted, shocked. This hadn't happened since October 18th, 2013.

"I thought you said you were never coming back," I whispered with my eyes closed, just enjoying the feel of her presence.

"I didn't know I was going to come back," she whispered back.

I finally opened my eyes to look at her, only to realize that she wasn't there.

"Oh, my God, I'm going crazy."

"No, you're not." I heard her voice again.

"Then what are you?" I asked as I apprehended that the voice was coming from my head.

"A memory," Kelly's voice whispered in my head.

"What now? You're going all 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' on me?" I asked sarcastically, remembering the game we used to play.

"If that's how you want to think about it. Listen, I just wanted to tell you that you need to be happy. I don't want you to be thinking of me when you see my sister walking down that aisle," Kelly replied.

I took a deep breath, "I won't."


"Promise. I miss you, Kelly."

"I love you," Kelly replied.

"I love you, too."

"Be happy," was the last thing I heard in her voice. And it was the last time that I ever heard her voice again.

"Hey, you coming, Uncle Nate?" Mark asked. I hadn't heard him come outside. "The wedding's gonna start in, like, five minutes. And Uncle Ryan told me to come and get you."

"Yeah, I'm coming. I'll be inside in just a few minutes."

"A'ight," Mark said and closed the door.

I turned back around to glance at the beach one more time before I opened the door to meet my Destiny; to start my new, married life.

~The End~

Maria Hampton will return in the story 'Get Used to It' (sequel to 'Get to Know Me'). Zeke will also return in 'Get Used to It' and 'Completely Normal' (sequel to 'So Typical').

Author's Notes: I hope you all had a great time reading it. I am so sad that its all over! But I just wanted to let EVERYONE know that Maria (Hampton) will be in "Get Used to It" ("Get to Know Me"'s sequel). She will be Ginger/Ivy's roommate at Julliard. :)

MANY THANKS TO MY BETA, Bee Michelle (BumbleB825)! You were amazing, thank you so much!

~Chelsea Elizabeth