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Chapter 22

A few hours later, Anna walked back into her bedroom, shock and horror deep within the depth of her brown eyes. She pulled her jacket off and tossed it carelessly onto the floor, ignoring the rack behind the door that it was normally hung on.

Anna silently walked over to her computer, turned the monitor on and opened up an new journal entry. Her hands were trembling as she started to type, unable to believe what had just happened.

December 19th, 2008

A few hours have passed since my last entry and things will never be the same again. When I left here, I was more than ready to be intimate with my boyfriend and best friend for the first time. After what we witnessed tonight, Brian and I have decided that we aren't as ready as we originally thought we were and are waiting for a little while longer.

When I got to the guest house, I found Brian staring at the television that was in the guest house. He had a look of revulsion and fascination on his face as images of my sister and Jane having very graphic and loud sex went across the screen.

I quickly asked him what he was watching and how he got access to it. Brian turned to me and said he had been searching for some candles that Hans had told him should be in one of the drawers in the entertainment center. That was where he had found a stack of videotapes and had let his curiosity get the best of him, starting to watch them and the one playing now was the first one.

I have to tell you, the sight of Melanie doing what she was with Jane kind of grossed me out and it was not because it was the participants were the same sex. My parents have taught me to be more tolerant than most of the people in this town. I guess it was the sight of my own sister having sex that got to me and knowing that it wasn't an act of love or one just for the pleasure of the moment but solely for the purpose of deception. Mel had told me that she had used Jane's feelings for her to get the other girl to do her dirty work for her but it never occurred to me that it had went that far.

The worst part of the whole thing was when Hans walked into the house and saw what we were watching. He had the same look as Brian did on his face, which is the one thing I don't understand, how males can be so fascinated at the sight of two women pleasuring each other. I guess it is another one of the differences between the sexes that mom has always told me about.

Hans had then proceeded to storm out of the guest house and I felt sorry for Melanie because he looked angry enough to strangle someone. This new revelation into her past activities could cause even more pain between her and the man she had fallen in love with. I just hope that it doesn't cause any more complications with her pregnancy.

Brian reached over and turned the tape off as soon as it got ever more risque than it already was, turning to face me. He had then gently kissed me before we both sat down on the couch that was in front of the entertainment center.

We had then talked about what we had just seen and agreed that we were not as ready as we had thought we were. That we needed more time together as a couple because once you add sex to the equation, the problems became even more complicated. We had sat and talked for a few hours before we had parted for the second time this night and I came back to my bedroom. With Hans distracted, James had ended up helping Brian get back home without the press being the wiser.

I just hope that I can get through those interviews tomorrow and end the press hanging around me, my friends and family once and for all. With it getting closer to the end for Daddy, I would prefer it happen with the privacy of my family and not with those heartless vultures hanging around. I refuse to let them take advantage of the indescribable pain that knowing the man who had held me when I had a nightmare and has been there for every significant moment of my life will leave me and my mom soon. That he will never see his son being born and grow up the way he did with me, another man's biological child.

Anna finished typing, fighting tears as she saved the entry, turned her computer off and walked over to her bed. She crawled under the covers and turned to face the wall that contained the door that led to Melanie's room, wondering just what had happened between her sister and Hans. How much pain will that videotape cause and what was on the rest of them that could cause even more pain? Just who else besides Melanie had used that guest house for their indiscretions?