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I remember Him every day, every night, but not every second, hour, or minute. There's a picture of us on my bedside table; Him, Bry, Boe, and me. And every time I rise or go to bed, I remember.

I remember Him and the old days; back then when we used to be inseparable, back then when we used to be the best of friends…

"Hey J, let's stay after school today."

"And go up to the rooftop?"

"Watch the sun set, and the usual?"


It was always like that… We would go up everyday after school and watch the sun set. Mostly we'd eat green mangoes, the best delicacy ever in the Philippines, maybe even in the whole wide world. We'd eat it with bagoong or by itself, depending on our preferences for that day. Those were the best days of our life. We'd talk about the day, specific times we were together, and the things happening with us individually when the others weren't present. We'd talk about everything. And it was fun. It was always fun.

I finally got back. After two years of inept persuasion, I finally got to go home. It was only for vacation though, and my mom had to come with me, but it was all worth it.

Then came the day when we would meet; Him, Bry and me. We were not the best of friends anymore, me and Him. We haven't talked to each other in two years. It's not that I didn't try; I tried more than once everyday. He just did not want it. He kept on avoiding me and ignoring me. This is the day when we'd set things right. This is the day when He and I will become friends again. This is the day when it'd go back to the old days, when it was always us, us four.

Bry came back with me. We weren't on the same flight. His plane did not stop at Canada before continuing its voyage to the Philippines. We both took straight flights. We did not leave on the same day though. And consequently we did not arrive on the same day, but the point is we both came back home. A couple of days after me, he came.

I met him at the airport and planned this day with him. We were to meet Luj and confront him. Confront him about what was happening. What was happening between us? What was happening to our friendship? What was happening between Him and me?

There was not a problem between me and Bry. We both came home because we wanted to. We missed it. And he decided to help me fix this thing. He wanted us back together too. After all he was part of the group.

Boey could not be with us. He was away in Batangas; studying. He wanted to be though but the knowledge of him supporting us was all we needed. It was ok if he wasn't there physically. Even though it would be way much better if he was.

I got ready and geared up. Bry did too. We met as his place then ventured off together to where we would meet Luj. We did not plan this day with Luj. We knew He would be there. It was just a matter of getting Him, alone to talk.

We were to meet at church. I and He used to go to the same church. And we loved that cause that meant we saw each other every single day. On weekdays our group was always together in school. On Saturdays we'd study together. On Sundays though it was only me and Him who saw each other; it was okay. Everyone knew we were the closest in the whole group. The only days we did not meet was when we were sick at home but we'd always call, wondering where the other was.

Our church was an old church. He and I went to it ever since we were three. We did not meet each other there though till Grade five. It was also a big church. Our church had four floors: the lobby, then the second floor where the main service was held, and two other floors for Sunday school classes. The lobby had all the offices. We also had a rooftop there at our church but we did not go there much. Sometimes I couldn't or He couldn't because we had plans with our families that day. Mostly it was me.

Sundays were family days in my family and thus it was supposed to be spent with family. People of blood, not friends who you considered family cause of how close you were. So every Sunday I would be with my family. It was just luck that me and Luj had the same church and thus got to see each other too.

Where we saw him was at the lobby. Our lobby had a ceramic ceiling. The one with different colors and formed several pictures. Except ours wasn't glass or see through.

We tried to get him alone. We tried several instances. He kept on avoiding us; ignoring our presence. We did not stop there. We were determined. We finally cornered Him and the inevitable happened…

"Luj! Why are you doing this?" I ask

"Doing what?" He innocently replies

"Avoiding us." Bryan answers, getting right to the point.

"I'm not avoiding you." says Luj to Bry.

"Well you're avoiding me." J retorts.

"You have been ignoring and avoiding Ja for two years now, bro. And whenever I talk about her you give me a deaf ear."

He gives Bry the deaf ear again. He does not reply, does not say a word.

I notice that throughtout whole conversation he would not look at me. He would look at our direction but not directly at us. Specifically me. He hated me. Probably did. It hurt to know that. It hurt to remember Him every day and night while He forgot me; forgot me and my existence.

"Was it because I confessed that I loved you?" J shouts, tired of this getting nowhere.

"No." Luj replies.

"Then what is it?!"

Bryan kept quiet then. He knew when not to talk, when it was between me and Him and when he should not intrude.

"I never ignored or avoided you. I never even knew you."