Once Upon a Fable

The winds of time have altered fate,
A path no longer barred with gate,
Where choices small are burdened great,
And carry with them power

The influence that all will know,
When one is born and forced to grow,
In time lived well or food for crow,
An age within an hour

Yet world and chance forever turn,
No matter what was sought to burn,
The ash, it seems, heralds return,
Of destiny abounding

Fortune no longer fixed to course,
Existence built by own will's source,
Precursor to a mighty force,
Where voice and horn are sounding

Decisions stand for all to make,
Which road or trail or life to take,
And ripples on the surface break,
Dice rolled across the table

And so the winds of time take flight,
The ember's warmth set to ignite,
As an inked quill prepares to write,
A story turned to fable

So yield we all must to this choice,
Both good and evil, will rejoice,
With pounding drum and cheering voice,
That a legend has begun

And history shall see the birth,
Of myth and song in shattered earth,
Where all in life will measure worth,
Of the saga forged by one

Whilst on the rock you sit and wait,
And all the while contemplate,
Remembering your sordid past,
And wondering if you'll be last,
To travel to the lands afar,
So you may know just who you are,
A name scribed on a marble wall,
Or a leaf that sits and waits to fall

And on that same rock you'll answer some,
Though all of these questions have stemmed from,
The burdened choice which you've yet succumbed,
That in this world, 'Who will you become?'