Of Brass and Stone

In waters deep and fields of grass,
And broken homes of shattered glass,
Lies deadly stone and fatal brass,
Trailed close by winds of destruction

Yet as wind leaves, its terror blown,
Man will rise and seize his throne,
Of molded brass, and chiseled stone,
And begin its reconstruction

In walls built high and towns made strong,
Man does his best to right what's wrong,
In long days work and nights of song,
They celebrate in their creation

Reborn once more a thriving land,
By blood and sweat of tired man,
Back again where it began,
A great and powerful foundation

Yet as before and once again,
The darkness sends a vile bane,
And winds that brought astounding pain,
Return to ruin both flesh and bone

Thus they rebuild those weapons old,
Of stone so tough, and brass so bold,
To wage the war that must unfold,
Against a shadow none yet have known

Man recalled what they were once taught,
So young and old rose up and fought,
Pushing back that which evil brought,
But laying waste to all they'd grown

And as before the darkness lost,
Though man just could not weigh the cost,
For lives destroyed and lines they crossed,
Against the evil into cage they'd thrown

And though they knew they must atone,
True valor man had once more shown,
So children's children seized that throne,
A royal kingdom of brass and stone.