Needless to say, Luce was accepted. The Chosen were not found in every dynasty.

Within the first year, the four students had an idea about the extent of their Powers and various many other different things. It took them longer to fully control and master their skills, though.

Second year was mostly spent on concealing spells, identifying these and saving energy for more spells. They learned how to improvise and how to heal. They studied many languages.

Third year was spent on battling against their peers. They delved into their own special skills.

Now, they are in fourth year. Josh, who can communicate with animals, can also shape-shift to small creatures and extract energy from his surroundings. Erin – aka Geoffrey of Menil, Count – can control weather, temperature and several elements. Luca can safely go to and from the sprit world to the mortal and has the easiest time learning new languages. She can also correctly interpret most of her visions already. Rachel can magnify objects, find hidden items, tell reality from artificiality, and create illusions. However, among the 4, she still has the hardest time controlling her Power, and sometimes, her Power takes control of her.

One morning, before their classes, as they lazed about or played, Rachel sighed.

"I know the University's tiring and all-" she started. "You know, how they keep us on our toes as much as possible? But then it's boring… and predictable."

"I know what you mean," said Erin. "I thought something grand or surprising will happen to us, the way Master acted when recruiting us." Luce nodded with Josh – they knew what he meant.

"I thought something interesting would happen." stated Josh. "But aside from the first time a spirit took hold of Luce – which was totally not a good thing – and scared the Masters… Nothing. Nothing happened."

"Yet." Added Luce. "I have a feeling we're a disaster waiting to explode."

"What?!" exclaimed her friends.

"I mean – erase that," corrected Luce, "I mean, we're going to have a little adventure soon enough, but…" she trailed off when Krelian approached them.

"Children, I have news," Krelian said when he reached them. "We're going to have a field trip sometime next month together with the 3rd to 6th year mages. Now, Erin, don't pout. I'll be there. What's with the long faces?"

"Sir, you know how we are with other students. Nothing changed after 4 years."

"And it's not just that. We can't ever get along."

"Well, I'll say now's a good time as ever to start." Krelian amiably replied. "We are social creatures. We need to interact, have friends, make teams"

"We're a team, we're friends, and we can interact just fine. It's them. I feel like they're always avoiding us."

"Then maybe you're giving them reason to avoid you. I talked with some of them. They were kind enough."

"It's nice having friends and all, but, we're here for just one more year together, then 2 years with the University mages, and another 2 with combat and explorer mages. It'll be hard to keep in touch after this year…"

"Well… About that. Since I chose you, you'll have to stay with me. Some mages group together when more than one student needs training because the teacher to apprentice ration must be 1:1… I already found two willing teachers…" he cleared his throat. "Now, we need to work on your pronunciation of spells written in Lore."