A/N: My brother and I used to fight a lot when we were younger and even though arguments are inevitable, it once came to me that maybe my own brother didn't love me. I was a kid then, maybe up to know I still am, lol, but as a child I was sensitive and was terribly hurt when he often push me away. Though we are still up for some heated arguments sometimes, I think I grew used to his mood swings and learned how to understand him more better. Hihihihi... I'm just happy right now coz I can feel that he does care for me in some ways. ^^ Sorry for blabbering a lot. So, here's it! Reviews and constructive criticisms are highly accepted.

Why can't you, brother?

Why can't you love me, brother?

Oh why do you keep pushing me away?

I did all I can

To please you

I give my best on what I do.

Give you kisses at night

And even hug you like a bear so tight

But all you do is squirm and fight.


Why can't you, brother?

You writhe like an eel at my touch

You hiss whenever I'm close so much

When I peck at your cheeks

You cringe and send me daggers

Staring with loath in your cerulean eyes.


Oh brother,

All I want is to hear your praise

Not insults and a mocking face

Look straight at me

Tell me what you see?

An exact copy of you

A sister whose love is true


Can't you feel?

That I long for

A brother's love, nothing more

Oh please don't turn your back on me

Because every time you do

It breaks my heart

And I'll end up crying for you.


Oh brother, I'm all alone

I want you to be beside me

Hold me

Soothe me

Let me feel that I'm loved

I'm all out of it

I wish you even care just a bit


All I can do is hope


And pray

Because brother, you'll never stay.